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Friday, December 30, 2005


  • hello aya - congrats on everything you are doing - i have a few questions - 1 how well do you know two of our common connection muftah benomran and victoria flamant? i am actually zooming muftah tomorrow - join us? - he's person i go to for hi level info on how to join in uae events - i am hopeful dec expo 2021 will do good for youth and i know how both wise and varkey education summits linkin; the first youth sdgs summit i ever attended was victoria flamants in 2013 -when jim kim came to world bank he took youth summits to a new level and she was first co-organiser -shes moved into health networks these days i think; glasgow is my itinerant familys home capital so we hop to linkin all youth to cop26 november but to do that i need to survey which events are helping youth action/lead - this was kim video that i liked best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecnl3up-8JM&feature=emb_logo  another really interesting youth at world bank was pabsy who became kim's youtube producer- do you know her? 2 living in dc region ethiopians are the big diaspora here- there's very big problem in america- international sdg experts dont talk to us community builders; and worse african americans concerned with us inner city lives matter dont talk much to diaspora- i have spent lot of time researching this and black universities in usa- for first time clinton global will be looking at this in 2021; but health crises are so severe everywhere i think these need youth empowerment first- if you ever have writings /videos you are happy for me to try and massively distribute my email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  +1` 240 316 8157   www.economisthealth.com - where do you expect to be located most of 2021?

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