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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

There is no point being polite about this - trumps infrastructure plan issued a few days ago needed nationwide citizen rehersals of such points as this italicised extract from Larouche who have been mapping belt roads for 25 years -collaboration across america is needed to empower social connectivity- anyne who thinks facebook is a social media simply has no brand transparency/reality expertise whatsoever- global development is totally greenwashed- see story of how oxfam has enabled several hundred prostitute gang members be managers in developing countries- BACK IN THE USA  -here's an expert in valuing hope

  here's Larouche

No such sharp spike in mortality rates happened during the Great Depression of the 1930s, nor at any time in the 20th Century; and no such thing has happened in any other Western industrial country since the Second World War. But such a demographic implosion did happen in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991; 

It is here, in the shocking rise in heroin and other drug addiction and drug-related deaths sweeping the nation. The number of Americans using heroin nationwide is now increasing by 50% per year. In one city crushed by 25 years of deindustrialization—the port city of Baltimore, Maryland—the Department of Health estimated earlier this year (?2017) that one out of ten residents is using heroin: there are 50–60,000 heroin addicts in a population of 645,000. On Nov. 4, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued an annual report detailing that, between 2000 and 2014—on Bush and Obama’s watch—the number of Americans dying of drug overdoses increased so dramatically that this, at 46,000 deaths per year, is now the leading accidental cause of death, surpassing guns and automobile crashes.
It is here, in the poverty and the devastation of the U.S. industrial economy, which has created what Mayor Steve Williams of Huntington, West Virginia called “the disease of hopelessness.” 
I am a disapora scot; our favorite party game- seeing how many different i love anothers country's stories we can tell (history in 1700s scotland failed as a nation with savings lost in an international banking scam in panama; we became one of England's early colnies; by 1843 london's win-lose model had caused more than half of scots to emigrate to earn a livelihood; scot james wilson founded The Economist to try to help end famine London's colonisation of Irealnd was causing due to vested interest MPs corn laws; then victoria sent him to calcutta to start reforming the whole empire; there he died 9 months into new economics of diarrhea; instead of reform english opium wars closed china for over a century;

EconomistEurope.com BRI.school  BRI.mba BRI.systems
its only now in 2018 that China has invited Aunty May to help redesign belt roads all across the raj coastal belts back across the emirates and uo the suez and into the med sea; what a difference win-win world trade can make to sustaining next generations - but we have very much behind the curve if sustainability goals are to be why we let economists rule us and how we change education in the era of 1000 times more commns tech than 1946
I do not understand why americans great and good let politics blind themselves to the system is such that neither party is going to solve this unless citizens take back the debate strting with poorest citizens

There are many sources I can introduce you to and dont need to go with you but really I dont get why there is so much chat and no engagement with people who could help

1 larouuce is based in dc
2 the american auditor of asian infarstructire invetemnt bank is based in dc though he works out of price waterhosue in shanghai
2a the sports franchise owner of both dc's basketball and ice hickey wanted his start to give back to baltimore and is deeply conecetd with all te regions tech hubs; the special olympics hq'd in DC is probably the largest community movement jack ma will celebrate from 2020 tokyo olympics from which time he has committed to spend as much energy, health sports education, philanthropy and green as he currently does on pachaged goods and fashion markets
3 the amzon hq2 pitches (180 places that failed to make top 20 including baltimore) could have been turned into a benchmarking club if not among 180 then among subclubs of inner city black or places whose governors wated to go green
4 if you had been prepared to travel to china or bangladesh its so easy to see that neither youth nor educators have lost youth to cultural pssimism
5 back home although jim kim is not permitted daytime to do work to benefit usa youth -at the last but one youth summit he invited 2 keynoters on this subject - baltimore's own leana wen and the lancet and austrial worldwide elader of the missing peer to peer curriculum of adolescent health - i am sorry that we havent found a second to colabirate with these wonderful medical people especially as 11 years ago our groupos in uk helped yunus start the nearly free colege of nursing - that went wrong because of politics around yunus -the  model that youth who want to train to be helath workers in places that dont yet have any thriving community health services ought to be one that we citiznes linkin without politcians- heavn only knows why we have spent 1000 times more on tech of connectivity and cant even open linkin that

I am in bangladesh for a week amping up girls education movements that guterres has demanded stage the mother of all learning summits in new york at the general assembly spet 2018. 

If you want to do something mail me and tell me if you are on your own or with whom
and which of the above or others you feel we need to linkin first

thanks chris macrae

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