my second most exciting moment in life- meeting sir fazle abed 1 2- he had designed a rural health service for one of the ten most populous nations from scratch? which do you think sir fazle need more help from health genii or financial genii? -more here

2020 telehealth hinge moment
our biggest challenge in 2020s is not the virus it is failing to unite around designing a world so next girl or boy born has a joyful chance at a productive life- that depends on 3 skills thriving in ever community - the health servant (, the livelihood educator ( and the financial servant (
however we have known since the end of world war 2 that we need new maps than those that 8 largest empires had ruled planet with - and that 4 new technologies and types of mediation will multiply this sustainably up or crashing down until mother natures selects us as next dod- more at
who published 13 global health challenges 1/13/2020 - help update them -related search malaria : fda -messy

virus unknowns help unwomens list some twitter dialogues 1 2 3
ByeBye human race unless you can help us find medical word's top 10 World Record Jobs Creators 9 8 7 ...Ironically knowledge of the curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution - as the net generation's opportunity to collaborate in human sustainability peaked in 1984 - unless you can help World Record Jobs Creators retrieve it now - thanks chris macrae wash dc text 240 316 8157 Anyone seriously transparent about affordable global health and sustainability needs to develop segments of health services and then decide whether an integrated service is still to have place boundaries. THE BLOCKCHAIN WARS. New media is always a battle between the forces for evil who linkin fast and those who needed to open space for a deeper social order (which takes time). Understanding blockchain mapping will also be absolutely essential: it may be how sustainability's last call is won by little sisters or lost to big brothers. these are the most exciting times to be alive.. 4 markets human sustainability depends on health & . linkedin UNwomens - question collab blog editors: washington DC

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good news china's robot teachers assistants will soon be better at diagnosis than 99% of docs. china

online library of norman record jobs creators: sir fazle abed .. jim kim.JKU. larry brilliant.. gerge soros..paul farmer .leana wen .BillionGirlsBoys network

Monday, August 3, 2020

from -some amazing questions about health markets

my second most exciting moment in life (first = birth of my daughter) was meeting fazle abed- i have never learnt so much from one person - i hope i do justice to logging up these and other q&a with fazle abed which took place during 15 visits to bangladesh and the last 10 years of his extraordinary life

we welcome questions or editorial improvements

1 how do you design a rural health service from scratch?

2 which do you think mattered more in building one of the tenth most populous health systems - health genii or financial genii?

3 why did 2 billion rural people find that rising out of extreme poverty was impossible until asian women's grassroots networks were empowered to build community health services?

lets have a look at these questions in reverse order
even as western man was landing on the moon, about 2 billion rural people in asia (as well as others) had no access to electricity grids nor running water; their life expectancy was 40 unlike the mid 60s or higher of advanced places- what that means is that up to one in 4 infants were dying; by custom village mothers were expected to have many children until at least 2/3 boys survived- if you are breeding and caring for 8 children in a village its almost impossible holding down any other job

so thats how and why the greatest  development economics miracle in population terms emerged from identifying which killer diseases of children and mothers depended on a local knowhow solution not  expensive expertise- as well as advice frm epidemilogists which makes tracing part of the culture of why asians network from the community up

both bangladesh and southern chinese people solved this puzzle from the late 1970s -in china search references to barefoot village doctors and women lift up half the sky- itr true that china had other multipliers - a successful diaspora ready to invest in the mainland and the law of one child per family which enabled women to become as valuable workers as men but which probably most nations people would nt agree to- probably a vast majority of chinese people of the 1970s agrred with this rule- they had just seen over 100 million people die of starvation- a system failing which caused the chinese to end the russian style of communism in 1968-

a cure for infants dying of diarrhea depended on mothers learning to apply oral rehydration
ten over basic village diseases were both easy to train a village woman to deliver and could be turned into a profitable small business - this was linked to vilage agriculture businesses to improve nutrition especially of infants first thousand days

when james grant saw whar grassroots village mothesw achieved with oral rehydration he asked sir fazle what favor he could do- sir fazkle said plase ask our president to support innoculation of every child- it was around these micrhealth and food scurity services provided by villagers  that average life expectancy rose to 60s and women staerted to have smaller families and beieve in their ow ability to create working livelihhoods

note you need to decide how sir fazle's special talents for all lives matter and historical moments in south asia impact adapting his solutions- but at least across the tropical asian continent he found that the most basic rural needs to end extreme poverty were more similar than different- its also of interest that coming from a family with historic responsibility for developing muslim people near what is now the country's far north east border with india- fazle number 1 cultural code for all the networks he designed was the brazilian paulo freire whose work in the 1960s celbrated franciscan servant leader cultures- an idea that appeared to chime with mpst of latin americans of the 1960s including the then young man from argentina who is now pope francis

sir fazle abed had trained at glasgow university to be an engineer (particularly on ships- 1960 was both the 200th year since smith and watt started up the world of markets and engines- and the last decade that scots and irish were world class shipbuilders- a market that moved to where ships were most needed namely japan and korea

Sunday, July 12, 2020

from spaces that value youthbreaking new nbc 6.45pm no pediatricians surveyed have seen any info that kids under 10 spread the virus- if you have some evidence please send us bookmark...

Friday, July 3, 2020

boris johnson declaration of interdependence- fly over to jinping - start sharing every english and chinese connection between epidemiologist and vaccine inventors

ditto every climate and green solution- boris should be very meek but resolute thanking 8 million hong kongers for having mediated for 160 years the clash of english and chinese languages  and consciences until today no 8 million people contribute more to the other 99.9% than those of hong kong- if needs be hire the best teacher of english as a foreign language to write up actions from your conversations into a k-12 curriculum

do not come back boris until you have bridged the 160 year mess that began when brits told chinese they had to accept opium as a currency for all their wonderful goods

if you need help boros backchat to prince charles he did a similarly remarkable reconciliation with the japanese at tokyo olympics 1964 a story that became the st james economist favorite to replay oier its next 25 years of becoming a one in a kind global (happy news for humanity and trillion times moore tech) viewspaper

more details here and here and at

Thursday, July 2, 2020

reshad and nakamura - japan and afghanistan hopes

Mar 20, 2020 - Over three months have passed since Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura was killed in Afghanistan. The extent of his legacy is already clear.

The Karez Health and Educational Services were established to improve medical and educational activities in Kandahar prefecture in the south-west of Afghanistan, in July 25, 2002. ... Dr Khaled Reshad Receives the Healthy Society Award.

Dec 4, 2019 - "I love seeing a village that's been brought back to life." Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura was renowned for his work building irrigation ...
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Dec 18, 2019 - Tetsu Nakamura, the Japanese doctor who had for long been dedicated to rebuilding Afghanistan, was killed by unidentified gunmen on ...
Missing: reshad ‎| Must include: reshad
21 hours ago - Khaled Reshad's day job is running a local medical clinic in Japan, but he also works to build hospitals and schools in his home country of Afghanistan.... ... of Afghanistan. We speak with DrReshad about his work. Direct Talk
In an interview with NHK, H.E. President Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani asserted ... they met to discuss the logistics for DrReshad's NGO to build convalescent ...

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Aug 26, 2014 - Reshad also runs Karez no kai, an NPO for those in his homeland ... Born in the city of Kandahar and raised in the capital, Kabul, Reshad came ...
Apr 14, 2012 - Lecture:, Khaled ReshadDoctor / Executive Director of Karez Health ... Karez Health & Educational Service, in the Kandahar region under the ...

Sunday, June 21, 2020

bad news fauci/nih censors from peoples

fauci- didnt recommend masks until medics had them

but masks come in all sorts -most people never caused run on $100 medical masks

because fauci did not celebrate research masks the public got 6ft distancing

2 most common ways corona spreads unless experts transparently publish others

sneezes by badly infected - sneeze without mask 20 feet forwards,stays in badly ventilated indoor spaces for 2 hours; sneeze with a badly fitted mask goes backwards, still says in badly ventilated space for 2 hours-eg metros, elevators, happy hour bars keep fit spaces
?, places politicians/priests pack in crowds

kissing grandparents by asymptomatic youth-85 year olds 10000 times more likely virus kill them

country that wants to contain virus improves above knowledge on tv every night; it uses mobile tracing more important than privacy without telling revealing exactly who's spreading it texts no-go places

if you look at taiwan- no great friend of china- it has study this sort of virius fir 17 years- snt a virus expert to beijing in december- closed down travel without struct quarantine- has had 1 case , no lockdowns - why dorsnt anyone in the senate talk about taiwan lessons every night- should eveyone in the senate be fired
I am honored to have been selected as the Earth Charter International Council member, as of 1 June 2020, located at The United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE).

The Earth Charter is one of the most extensive, international declarations of the fundamental values ​​and principles that supporters find useful in building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. In 1994, Maurice Strong (Secretary-General of the Rio Earth Summit) and Mikhail Gorbachev as former President of the Soviet Union launched an initiative (with the support from the Dutch Government) to develop an Earth Charter as a civil society initiative. The initial drafting and consultation process drew on hundreds of international documents. After numerous drafts and after considering the input of people from all regions of the world, the Earth Charter Commission came to consensus on the Earth Charter in March, 2000, at a meeting held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The Earth Charter was formally launched in a special ceremony on 29 June at The Peace Palace in The Hague in the presence of HRH Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

It is currently translated into 59 languages ​​and is in actual use in many countries and regions for a just, peaceful and sustainable society.