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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

sad news on india's pay to breathe industry

https://www.wired.com/story/breathing-is-a-luxury-in-indias-air-crisis/ 3 generatiosn of my maternal family tree were nursses and founders of munbai's first pharmacy kemps coreer before sir ken's 30 years of facilitating gandhi's independence dialogues - us this what the poepels of india wanted from independence  
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Saturday, February 4, 2023

 if you love children sack anyone in government or in world's biggest philanthropies or educatoion or tech who prevents your teens schools from stocking md's version of leave behind kit

sack doctots and other professionals too who have made money from opiods throufh 2010s instead of meducal knowhow we needed - eg preventing plagues

my family has lived within walking distance of us national institutes oh health for nearly 30 years: mathematically it seems as if only 51% of this running nationa institiute of health will agree with this post - lets fire them

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

 EH updates 

from Leadersquest - Singapore digital mental health ; Bangalore : Low-cost innovation in cardiac health at scale, founded by a world-renowned surgeon. Jaipur: An organization providing free, high-functioning prosthetic limbs to those in need, introducing a novel approach to well-being. Bangalore: Hand-held ECG machines with remote 24/7 diagnosis to serve rural populations. 

NB USA By designing healthcare by big orgs to be twice as expensive as anywhere else, and many times more costly for nurses and docs to study americans have had to quest to see world favorite health innovations (until now friends at ed3dao and dreamdao can virtual realise your professions most exciting dreams 24/7). To celebrate how 1billiongirls.com increased life expectancy to within reach of world norms with 10-100 times less money than usa look at Abedmooc.com (where Sir Fazle asked us to clarify the innovation opportunities of massive open online begin with valuing C=Cooperation not maximisng costs of Certification 

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