Japanthanks.com August 8, Olympics Closing Ceremony - Why Bach Can't lose by announcing suspension of summer olympics until covid slayed

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Bach's job

Olympics Gold Youth are not robots- they know younger half of world's main goals - end covid, harmonise climate, love live matters communities;

 if covid is still bubbling away in 2024 the world of youth will not be celebrating anyone anyway anyhow... so by announcing summer olympics suspension bach can concentrate old minds on finding a collaboration solution (examples in posts lower down) -its no lose for him to declare suspension until covid is slayed

there can be some added bonuses - two thirds of world youth are asian; most of them are absolutely against the 7 western empires blame games on asia-

since 1945 most asians have worked their butt off excuse my french- if you recall the first 180 years of machines started up in glasgow 1760 had not been shared inclusively; 80% of asians had no access to electricity grids; when it comes to deep solutions to ending poverty if we fail to celebrate sharing what billion poorest asian women networked 1970-2020- the greatest human advancement miracle with the least- then nature is dead right- homo sapiens  isthe next dodo
http://www.weforum.org/· Jack Ma, Executive Chairman, ... Davos 2017 - Press conference with Alibaba and the ...
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Alibaba founder Jack Ma discusses the future of online trade and ... USA; Young Global Leader Alumnus The ...
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 my surveys show most youth and 90% of asians  wanted bach and jack ma to live up to the dream announced at the world economic forum 2017 that happiness markets like health education cli,ate need collaboration not the moronic competition that western fake media covers everyone in

most of asians hi tech solutions can leap forward if the mayors of tokyo and beijing (winter olympics in 6 months) enjoy a private relay meeting on what their climate and health wizards can help youth celebrate across asia by humanising deep data ai; they can then debrief japans royal family and gold star japanese olympian and chinese olympians and start  virally positive waves of hope across aisa which is where sustainability waves must flow if 2020 sgds goals are real not jiust another western greenwashing game

deal of century turned down by g7 leaders and?

- back in may vaccinate the world by spring 2022 for 50 bn $

--may sound a lot but its pocket money compared with g7 defense spends on bezos joy of space trips, or that bitcoin makes in a good year, -lets hope asians launch a covidcoin? or it could be collected by 1% tax over 5 years on media spends, or it was about the value of the giving fund when the gates announced divorce and the buffett retiring from active work on it

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

New guidance: everyone in high risk areas which are 2/3 of USA wear masks—vaccinated and not—indoors due to more transmissible delta variant. Includes schools.

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 as for risks new data suggest vaccinations end death of the vaccinated but are not certain to stop you from being an asymtomatic spreader and as the last true american epidemiologist larry btilliant

 - he who ended smallpox in asia and started up google.org around risk mapping says -

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