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Monday, December 31, 1979

worlds most valuable lesson

Thanks to Oral Rehydration:
quarter of infants no longer need to die in world's poorest nations

mothers can be empowered to life saving role in communities

the world's most value organsiation will be: the most colaboratiove education networker and youth can start the 21st centiry dream of sustaining the human race with their livelihoods and learning

smart nations , cities, world trading routes will be extremely carefully to value their largest internet companies as most trusted by educators and youth...
year of child 1979

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UNESCO proclaimed 1979 as the International Year of the Child. The proclamation was signed on January 1, 1979 by United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.

International Year of the Child - Wikipedia

thanks to brac's sir fazle abed and Unicef's Jim Grant 1979 became the greatest ever year of children and especially girls hold up half the sky