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Monday, September 26, 2022

grreat ai health session during UNGa77

i will try and find transcript but also huge for understanding peopels personal netwporks - when it comes to can tech save millennials as the sdg generation , amandeep has become arguably guterres and the worlds number 1 connector out of un hq ny

until recently he had mainly been in geneva- so had helped co-found _-DAIR even though anti-nuclear was one of his main ares of work

in 2016 first year review of new sdgs, goal 4edu reviewed as hopeless without tech - so a digital cooperation mission from un ny to geneva was led -main health connector of this was world banks jim kim ; when guterres became un leader he soon started asking amandeep to edit a worldwide panels expert ideas on digital cooperation; this became 9 interacting pieces of transforming un -a fter report in 2020; various staff changes happened until june 2022 amandeep reappointed to lead 

 Thank you for registering to attend I-DAIR and partners' SSUNGA 77 interactive session on ’AI Researchhttps://www.un.org/techenvoy/ in Health: Tackling Global Challenges as One’ in person.

As a reminder, below are the event details and some additional information:

The event will take place tomorrow (Thursday 22nd September) at Conference Rooms 818 and 819, CUNY Central Offices, 205 East 42nd Street, New York City and begin promptly at 12:30pm (EDT).

The session agenda is as follows:
  • [from noon/12 pm] Check-in and Registration
  • [12:30 pm] Opening remarks (Dr. Christoph Benn)
  • [12:40 pm] Keynote speech (USG Amandeep Singh Gill)
  • [12:55 pm] Panel 1 – Promoting collaborative research in AI for health
  • [1:35 pm] Panel 2 – State of the art in AI for health
  • [2:15 pm] Closing remarks (Dr. Stefan Germann)
  • [2:30 – 3:30pm] Networking Reception

 dear XXXL hope all's well with you in sinagpore- could I ask you 4 quick questions (4th connects with Dinesh's diabetes research in dundee)

1 have you heard of www.sdgmetaverseprize.org - its xprize and aifor good new thing -a  year round competition - any team can enter by end december- choose one SD goal, viralise story -expected 10000 entrants -that's probably at least 100 each per goal (many more popular goals like 3 health)

2 I am in hong kong next week mainly catching up with friend jeanne lim www.beingai.com- i believe her womens kinndness dao/ntf can be biggest of its kind- her history is ai curating un challenges with sophia robot when she was at hanson- now zbee is her anime version which can replicate anywhere - while sophia took 7 suitcases to appear anywhere

3 jeanne should be in singapore week afterwards 1e about 11th- should i intro you on linkedin just in case there are common interests?

4 next summer glasgow university hosts 265th adam smith moral markets summit - at the 250th in 2008 with dr yunus we launched nearly free nursing college providing scottish trainers to bangladesh- yunus got into political problems- i stand by idea of world being short of at least 30 million last mile health servants; tn 2023 we would like to bring a write up from at least 50 people who care about ai health or eg the lancet idea that teenage health is schools biggest missing curricula; we hope to publish short action cooperation statements for these 50+ people of what they are doing- liz do you have a short action statement and could there be shared interests between you and dinesh who if he has time will be one of the people coordinating the 50 declarations of health actions

dinesh -XXL can correct my old memory but i think inter alia she worked for microsoft in japan for over a decade - then mainly germany; at same time she had to do some ai health for a family member ; now returned to her home space singapore; we virtually met when xprize and un 2020 were hosting ai solutions to covid

XXL having diabetes 1 himself, dinesh in dundee is devoted to community deep data , perhaps biotech and wearable breakthroughs etc to improve lives of all with diabetes- collaborations to community health are probably near top of list of scots at least those I have worked with since 2008 including adam smith scholars- so i also transferred my dads main library from the economist to glasgow U- what with also loss of queen elizabeth - summer 2023 feels like best time scotland can contribute cooperations alumni in line with 2023 being un youth summit future and acceleration of UN2 egov library at https://www.un.org/techenvoy/ and https://datawithpurpose.org/

hong kong and singapore probably way ahead on much of this

all the best chris +1 240 316 8157