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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

lets have an oxford union debate - on side of cheapest vaccines

 disgusting fda/cdc -weak biden- covid now likley across usa to end of his admin -best advice dont use vaccine if you use products like hepparin - otherwise round up ambulance chasing lawyers ...

so far chance of death by j7j 1 in 7 million but lawyers could take govenment to cleaners so although j&j saves ten of thousands from ovid dreath we will delay j&j

solution - biden declares law - 1 million dollars compensation for death by blood clotting j&j - all lawyers wjho caim more to be imprisoned

nb absolutely medical community should research this side effe3ct - eg its possible connection with type of contreaxeption - dilution of placelets

pathetic media in usa cant see how they are being used

nb covid poses a less than zero sum game

any roten politician who wont do anything until its 100% correct will maximise covid killing opportunities as will any disgusting lawyer as will all the people in usa who profit from most expensive health care in any so called democratic country- shame on everyome in dc who doest stand up and fight for affordavle massive vaccine livesmatter.city

if you wish to be na,ed to oppose the motion send me your argument for publication and your id

if you are a family loving human being -or educator or last mile emerncy response servant -  who wants to end covid join us for more at www.astra.place

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