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Sunday, April 11, 2021

virus round world by oct 2019? interesting twitters lancel meyers van dorp- japan tv reports corona virus already spreading november- trump and us intel knew there was a problem in november; virus already in france/italy by december- politicians everywhere let peoples down? ?it is unlikely wuhan was original case but it was where one of first contagions gravitated wuhan market not source of virus origin but an early cluster - cf meat packing clusters -72 infected by dec 1 - 30 china cities end dec + many intl cities wild hypothesis discussed by program- possible us source -pompeo misinfo camaigns did not help miltary world games wuhan 2019 - sickness of athletes ; 300 us militaqry personnel; foreign athletes hospitalised which was it zonomic originally from bats -eg hotspot border guangdong/yunnan - sars ratg13 -interact farming communities -bat feaeces as local med frozen fish military leak cf us anthrax 2001 sewer sludge offers earliest monitors round world paret 2 us 6.15 4/18 lack of info sharting main culprit

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