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Friday, August 7, 2020

economisthealth.com - for the first time in 40 years of new economy journalism -eg 2025 report dialogues of 1980s at the economist and in any nation valuing digital as the a gamechanger like no other, we the peoples -asynchronously-at the speed of digital beyond borders : out of every corner on mother earth - are raising questions about the value of health that even peoples led by supreme commander legislatures (1461.world) may need to answer with actionable solutions not chatter or twitter or parliamentary inquiries- we believe these questions matter to all parents who value our species - which other ones need asking now? why are most western tv channels patently failing to ask the only questions that could end vovid?

health world's most valuable questions fall 2020

-how many strains of covid are there? is there one race for vaccine or different strain races
do we understand which country's leading pharma company has manufacturing and distribution agility needed to vaccinate the peoples- there may be more wealth in this scaling than the initial first vaccine if strain-related vaccines are needed to be 100% safe
notwithstanding this the motives of the first team to the vaccine winning line -ie their commercial partners motives - could become one of the greatest conflicts between nations of the decade - lets hope the winning team come from the heroic frontline culture of service not the big get bigger politico mindset that has so far depressed the 21st c at every turn
worldclassnations.com and other crises of place branding and local globalisation
which nations have a post etc system that can test and result within 48 hours? is this a public system or owned privately (eg amazon) - where both of a nation's to parties failed to value post as a 21st c public good, why should either party ever be trusted again? what can be done about the inconvenient truth that english speaking democracy's actual laws embed something communally opposite to lives matter-
if you are a parent of kids- do you have a plan in case there are no mainly real school years to 2025- why or why not?

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