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Friday, August 14, 2020

steve accurolab is simply great - congrats to the whole team 1  The MBA Student Empowering People Against Fake News

i have tried to track bottom up youth networks since 2005 which was supposed to be london's year of make poverty history but descended into my main facilitation mentor being killed at london terrorist attack-15 years later my scottish leader gordon brown is still trying to make eg cop26 nov 2021 scotlands year on sustainability world stage- cgi is due to call off at edinburgh university spring 2021 -though i doubt covid will be over by then

back in 2008's subprime crisis i started accompanying muhammad yunus and microcredit leaders all round major us cities and // convergences movement in paris- my dad the economist's norman macrae last birthday party 2008 invited yunus to speak to colleagues  in london - at that time as subprime exploded out of new york spencer was organising huge diaspora summits in new york- whence we co-presented at this bronx tv college stage- i had used cafe formats as short open spaces http://www.openspaceworld.com across europe while still based there - for 3 years i was eu's volunteer host of emotional intelligence on a virtual community called knowledgeboard 

i am not sure how ups and downs have treated diaspora movements but if online spencer could explain why there seem to be many trust barriers between top of aid and deep african communities -hopefully urgency of covid will break through these

i feel much more capable in asia where i have worked professionally since 1983 but when it come to africa i see various patterns

here is range of ideas - if you see a type you like more of please tell me

1 if beyan-see mail below -  is still contactable he was on the ground in ebola countries i think liberia aiming to organise post-ebola youth summit in africa- so he's an example of a bottom up contact

2 is it patrick you know at ashesi - if so he has great connections- he's supported by president of ghana who co-chairs the un's eminent panel on sdgs- he also talks about selecting a few free scholars from neighboring countries - that would be a great circulation list to go beyond ghana itself - while i have had one minute conversations with patrick at 2 summits he talked about , it is his foundation people in seattle who answer my questions- both ashesi and my greatest heroes btrac u bangladesh are part of a newly announced coalition of 30 open society universities which george soros sees as his legacy but only ashesi and brac have deep reach in poor developing nations- soros has very good networks in brooklyn on black and latin lives matter and in vienna aligned to ban ki moon- anyhow i would do anything to help build links with ashesi or brac 
.tell me if there are questions i should send to seatlle or if ashesi does start extending to neighbors

3 have you heard of the young graduate who started nigeria flying doctors 5 years ago- her sister died in a road accident in nigeria which explains why her life mission started with flying doctors but she has a complete blueprint for the whole health system Team Reputation - Flying Doctors Nigeria

she was trained by the japan's - i have email contact of the sherpa of the triannual japan-africa summit if you have questions for him

4 there are various hubs that could be worth connecting - you probably know kenya's ihub invented an african twitter which funded its hub and an association of hundreds of african hubs- not all are as grounded as kenya's- equally in silver spring in md iospaces is a dispora hub founded by a cameron female technologist

5 relay big time is to ask chelsea for a favor -  one that might be possible since she is attached to mailman school in colombia uni could she get in touch with david ho's team- they may have some of the best real news and through jack ma they may know where he and the un are trying to linkin african youth entrepreneurs = ma's recent twitter is my reason for wondering f this is possible-  https://twitter.com/foundation_ma

Congratulations to this year’s Africa Business Heroes Top 50 Finalists! Representing 21 countries, 18 industries, and 50% female, we are thrilled to see the diversity of Africa’s entrepreneurs shine. Click here to learn more: https://africabusinessheroes.org/en/finalists/2020/top50 #ABH2020 #MeettheTop50

Congratulations to Dr. David Ho and his team at Columbia University for their breakthrough research. Very promising for both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. We are proud to support their work.
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Columbia University
· Jul 22
Researchers @ColumbiaMed have isolated antibodies from several COVID-19 patients that, to date, are among the most potent in neutralizing the SARS-CoV-2 virus.https://bit.ly/2ZQI9BH
6 steve you probably heard of boston paul farmer and jim kim at Partners in Health -  they organise last mile health services out of boston rwanda -kagame selects all the most interesting partners from jack ma to pih  but i have not yet friended anyone in rwanda that i know how to linkin-  and haiti- and strong mutil suporters of the clintons- 

steve as you can see range of ideas - absolutely we need a 3rd to 18th grade curriculum on vaccines and all things virus to survive 2020s -keep at me if you see something that can be your force multiplier

===================================== details on

african youth own summit post ebola - coordinator beyan 

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Subject: RE: wise education summit and africa connections

Dear Chris,

Nice meeting you and it was a great pleasure and I am looking forward to our collaboration now and in the near future.

Stay bless and hook me up if you see anything that suit me.

I will also try to approach the prize laureate and see if Liberia can be injected into this plan.


Have a God bless Day.

Beyan Flomo Pewee
Founder/Executive Director

Email bpewee@yocel.org alt. email: f.pewee@gmail.com 
GSA Road, Kola Tree Junction l  Monsterrado l Liberia 
Mobile +231776087515/+231886350045  l   skype: beyan.pewee2
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From: christopher macrae [mailto:chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk] 
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017 6:28 PM
To: bpewee@yocel.org
Subject: wise

dear bayan

nice meeting you at wise today

i heard that laureate patrick awuah has a club of over 10 countries looking at whether they can launch a similar university ; i wonder if liberia is represented and whether wise @ accra provides opportunities for your network

are you in email contact with yuxuan; it would be great to update with her

best chris macrae

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