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Friday, December 28, 2018

happy 2019
cumulative ideas we are pursuing on make basic health 10 times more affirdable- whats the point of mobilising 40000 timesmoore coms tech if we cant do this

1 segment- eg bangladesh vilage women built their nation - aned nd the most exciting grassroots networks to end poverty - by making a community busienss out of the 10 most life critrical services mothers needed to know about for infantg and maternal care - over 40 years they added many last mile health service solutioins- for example to p-recvent tuberculosis hire thise who have survived the disease since tis ifectious disease needs daily terreatmentg for up to a year

know whio can write curriculum of affordable health - sir fazle abed brac- histoirically farmer and kim of pih though their recent jobs seems to have prevvented themj from having tiome on deve;oping ay a mooc of bottom up helath care

look at this nigerain ladies heroic work on rebuilding nigeri' s health system

understanhd how komesaroff and patton at university of melboyrbe teamed up with lancet to demlonsgtrate that one of the maoij missing schools curriculum is peer to peer gorls health form 9 up starting with what girls will need to know about menstyrauation
celebrate that a boollywood movie has suddenly come out againat the india taboo of menstruation - by telling the heroic story of

Pad ManBollywood Movie Breaks India's Menstruation ...

Feb 07, 2018 · Such is the uplifting tale of Pad Man, a biographical Bollywood movie inspired byMuruganantham and his journey to extricate India from the …

in hcina a paralel is how one of the fitrst national corporations was developed to free thius market by

experince working with failoies of boys with hameophilia is parents are desperate for a commeon sense leaftlet on luife in day of- as chid grows up what is next soacial por medical chalenge he and the family will face - how does one learn ahead of time and find a peer club who menetirs you because they have already been through this

we could make a list of top 20 parents clubs - eg the specialists look at this from view of autism and livelihoods as well as the mental suport both family and child with autism need- interstinfly if a region leads in coding techolgu its leading comloany can team up with autism parents- thyey can sclout best ever d=coders for that cmpany - the comoany can then give back helping the regioanl group scout out other livelihoods people with autism can bets focus on

work of rosaling picard and others open sourcing sensors at mit sows that people diadvantaged on one sense - hearing sight etc often have other senses far better devgeloped than the rest of us- so if we can augnemnt missing sense - eg blind people can now be given thye same visual senses that robot use- we can suddenyl segment work where a person porevuously reuarded as disadvantaged is now supoer advanatged

---when you look at ideas like the abpve it becomes essental that one robot/ai team ;programs their robot withb the knowledge people in desperate need first need to share to become as self-sufficient as possible- this is almost the opsite to what the world top city professionals are examined and certified aroud- take the sanity test with someting like ebola- perfect traemament solution in the world's best supplied hospital ist the same as a humid vilage with no electricity miles from a big city

40000 tiem moore mobile tech could be designing bottom up health as an education curriculum 
lopen elarning content like khan academy could be reanalysed bu a robot teacher tariner to segent wjhat knowledge is tghe most important basic economical=l health curripcuilum - versus what is the curriculum of the most expesive health services

true media is needed to get in the middle of this - which countryes or cities offer such media - maybe japan , maybe china, will india and bbc change goiven their hostories of having a significant public invetsment in mdea

will ted turners foundation everr tackle this? what about afruca24tv.com in parus a media designed to help afrucans celebrate true media

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