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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

possibility 1 jim kim and farmer found the most effective process in the late 1990s - but its last mile architecture isnt being replicated- 3 weeks ago was at a medicines sans frontiers worldwide briefing - it didnt seem as if they were much advanced in last mile design - bonus question when jim kim joined the world bank in 2012 i dare say the banks last mile competence was next to 0% -if i recall correctly far from sending professionals to live and learn with the poorest the union at the world bank requires that an employee spends no more than 3 months abroad unless they want to- how much % bottom-up eg 33 do you think world bank will need to be when kim leaves in 2017 if world bank is to be major supporter f sustainability youth- have yu ever helped kim hack the world bank- how do we now Hacking the World Bank Full Transcript - Freakonomics

possibility 2 this more than most diseases needs a pipeline of innovative but related drugs- instead of making these affordable we have designed te national institute of health interactions with big pharma to make them as expensive as possible

 possibility 3 - over to you

ps would love to know before our world youth communities visit Brac's funding family

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