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Sunday, December 27, 2015

In association with the million youth social dialogues of Michael Moore January 2016

actually i would start with making nurse colleges free- by all means you could add in the freedom-provision that the first two years of practice had to be in poorest communities

if we started with this (see also rebirth of development of china 1960s and bangladesh 1970s) we would be creating community jobs
we would expedite khan academy of nursing as an open space world service development
we could celebrate girl power and last mile health service as a local heroic livelihood integrating all the kindest of community building
we could start a wave of young health professionals inspired by the other kind of POP (see kim #2030 now preferential option poor :2013 92y and vatican,  via boston www.pih.org  to 1968 peru)

and todays old societies (nations led by politicians vested by haggard infertole grandmothers as Francis 2014 masterclass at strasbourg worded it) that have ponzo schemed youth into endless debt could know that this alternative - nursing services could quickly become affordable again if one also removed ambulance chasing lawyers from the whole system

in the uk of the few most heroic open spaces i have heard of (presented organisational design forum circa 2010 ironically convened in salem where i believe some immigrants were burnt at the stake in massachussetts less knowledegable age), the director of the poorest performing regional national health service (East Mid) where people life expectancy was the least , hired a football pitch to open space relationships between all health workers and simultaneously promised all local newspapers that she was only staying in the post while life expectancy started increasing

i think she was eventually removed by politicians but it certainly turned round relationships between nurses and more qualified doctors , and was loved by the people who most needed a more caring but but effective national health service of the sort moore and hilary search for health

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