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Friday, December 16, 2022

 I am the sort of person who tells doctors- don't give me a drug unless you stake you reputation that's its essential. That said I would like to thank the science that delivered  moderna and pfizer- their vaccines still look as safe as any drug can be after 2 years of mass use. They very specifically minimise risk of covid killing you- they are not as far as i understand going to stop all chances of you getting covid, and even  covid with minimum syptoms may infect others



To be clear I live near US National Institutes of health- i feel that the world was badly let down by nih (in gact ever since anthrax 21 years ao I feel that a lot politics goes on at NUH is terrifying or tragic) and  this has parallel lessons for all sorts of fake media and dismal politics but regarding the science of moderna that as good as human endeavor can get

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