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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

crisis caused by lack of open data on covid

thank goodness head of cdc has overruled t people at the fda- the idea of not giving boosters to medical staff is just obscene- i do not really understand how anyone can accept this fda panel's monopoly 

it is sickening that data is not publicised that this blind spolt people delay everythong on

its really very simple people who are grateful for vaccines want to know minimum length booster lasts- all data on that should be public so we are never again led by these blind boffins

those who dont believe in vaccines need help to see what they are putting at risk but after 21 months of being behind best available advice from data every month we the people must unite 
this is not freedom - it is not human it is not right

because we cant get this data right from the getgo we let the most rvil tging happen - we dont know how many vaccines need production/didtribution for the whole world; this should have been fixed before the g7 met in cornwall when the imr was arguing fir this

transparencyn ote

the evil that has been done to the world out of maryland this last 21 months beggars belief - i dont like livig in this disgusting state but have ill people to look after

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