Japanthanks.com August 8, Olympics Closing Ceremony - Why Bach Can't lose by announcing suspension of summer olympics until covid slayed

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


update from economistsports.net - olympics committee chooses china's vaccines for summers sports stars- 

23 hours ago — president, Thomas Bach, announced on Thursday that China had agreed to provide coronavirus vaccines for any participant requiring one ahead ...

china not the enemy - global consultancies may have been

when it comes to scale we're probably all dependent on india and china vaccine manufacturing - ask the top global consultancy boutiques - we know they made eg1 the logistics maps that global medicine applied- well thats when they weren't mapping how to drown peoples in opioids- when it comes to ruling world trade with drugs it seems that the white mindset has not learnt a fig since 1860 opium wars

A billion-plus covid-19 shots in 2021. Can Serum Institute do it?

The Indian vaccine-maker may account for almost half the world’s supply

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