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Friday, July 3, 2020

boris johnson declaration of interdependence- fly over to jinping - start sharing every english and chinese connection between epidemiologist and vaccine inventors

ditto every climate and green solution- boris should be very meek but resolute thanking 8 million hong kongers for having mediated for 160 years the clash of english and chinese languages  and consciences until today no 8 million people contribute more to the other 99.9% than those of hong kong- if needs be hire the best teacher of english as a foreign language to write up actions from your conversations into a k-12 curriculum

do not come back boris until you have bridged the 160 year mess that began when brits told chinese they had to accept opium as a currency for all their wonderful goods

if you need help boros backchat to prince charles he did a similarly remarkable reconciliation with the japanese at tokyo olympics 1964 a story that became the st james economist favorite to replay oier its next 25 years of becoming a one in a kind global (happy news for humanity and trillion times moore tech) viewspaper

more details here and here and at worldrecordjobs.com

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