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Monday, June 8, 2020

national leaders and economists i value most know that healthy societies generate strong economies not vice versa- who are the world class epidemiologists you know and do  any bridge what youth are taught or what society invests in- i wish we could link in jim kim; until he died in dec 2019 fazle abed's best kept secret in empowering women to build bangladesh was he knew bottom up infectious disease networkers- in fact he taught jim kim and bill gates missing pieces of eg tuberculosis and cholera as well as first 1000 days nutrition /sanitation- its not helped by john hopkins data being useless in deciding where is the virus greater risk than loss of livelihoods- their data samples about one twentieth of those who have already had the virus- is this a topic worth doing a zoom on- i can zoom-connect a few people from india, latin and black america but they dont know how to find the missing advisers either- and living locked down near us national institutes of health isnt a positive space to locally connect people - we have triple chaos virus*black lives*trump rules the airwaves- where are you located leif- as the most sensible region in a brexit-europe nordica leaders 

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