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Friday, May 8, 2020

missing curriculum how to beat corona virus

there are afew different reasons why the world
is destroying our species because
of missing curricula

we are for example dealig with a trillion times more data of what
we do witheach other in communities and
in worldwide herds - who we celebrate,
whose values we gospelise

but the simplest question with any mising curriculum
who are people you least want to be trained or ordered by
who do you most want to actin learning with

i would not recommend anyone outside ameruca to want fauci curriculum - americans can judge if they need it- i would recommend eg s korea curriculum -through the 2010s they designed changes needed where faucis rew did the opposite

think odf testing
the medical industry likes to charge atleast 100 dollars a test
a virus means the army or some public servant not commerce is needed
tests shoul be scaled at maximum 5 dollars
the ingredints needed to test 100 million are part of national security

thats why korea always knew the numbers- to this day fauci is using data which may be 20 times wrong- until he gets his data right he would prefer no american left their homes

-another issus is telehealth tiraging- when you have an infectious disease you dont want potential patients in a crowded waitng room - this disease can keep paricles in air for over 3 hours
so everyone is safer by telehealth tirage- this does assume a nation has broadband for all but the reason why almost no telehealth existed in usa before virus was commerce made more money with no telehealth

fauci got the connection betwen distance and masks wrong- if a particle can be sneexed 26 feet or hang in air where anyone has shouted fr 3 hours there is no more lgic for 6 feet than 3 feet- whatever distance minimises shouting without hugging up- the only rason the 6 foot was chosen was becuase at the time fauci teamdid not understand mask- they dont protect you much from catching, they do protect others from you spiiitting at them

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