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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

curriculum of saving world from virus needs to be led from east and then distributed by all osun teachers- can you get some people from sabina's team and your past contacts to join this webinar- here are my naive questions- we need female community workers questions far deeper than mine-https://zoom.com.cn/webinar/register/WN_sU_p75jTTWWvB0i0yJATqw--did either country ask youth who had survived the disease to join the frontlines ? americans keep on hoping this is a seasonal disease- its always hot in singapore- is there any likelihood that sunshine reduces this virus? is it possible to benchmark each country with korea- can we learn what korea, singapore, china each did best as well as what was biggest lesson from another country? youth worldwide need the far east to lead this curriculum as an open society coalition not a political oneupmanship between nations... also it looks as if they use zoom- i am trying to understand is zoom what every online educator needs or what will osun use as optimal online platform for action learning

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