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Saturday, April 14, 2018

leana wen is most trusted public health admnstrator in america- unless you know better- she has exposed all the professionals muddled up in opiods before anyone else dared to talk about this- she hires returning citizens to chat to their peers as to why drugs destroy communities- there is so much to do in baltimore -what as shame that its credentials as an amazon hq city were so badly presented; baltimore is where borth girls and blacks social justive movements in usa successfully applied case law to 13th amendemnt cira 1880; those communities nurtured the herioc thurgood marshall; as sports franchsie own ted leonsis says -how is it that dc has many of the world's genii in global health but no time to app that to baltimore; as pope frabcis says baltimore is a litmus city -if it cant make a case for belt road (see musk's train that would connet dc and baltimore in 15 minutes) then what infarstructire can 90% of americans expect to sufer from

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    Where our children live should not determine if they live
  2. I will not have my son Eli grow up in a society that denies science, climate change, basic human values of dignity and compassion
  3. I will not have my son Eli grow up in a society of white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia
  4. I march for Eli because I will not have my son — our children — grow up in a society of racism, sexism, misogyny, bigotry
  5. Today, I’m here with my son, Eli, who is 7 months old

  6. We have to get up and speak up

  7. Does it make sense to incarcerate people who have a disease? No!
  8. It’s science that shows us that the war on drugs has not worked or cut drug use — but it has resulted in the mass incarceration of generations of black and brown people
  9. It’s science that shows that is a disease. Treating addiction as a crime is ineffective, unscientific, and inhumane
  10. President Trump called for a return to a “War on Drugs” incl the death penalty to drug dealers
  11. Tell me: does it make sense that we have to ration medications in the middle of an emergency? Does it make sense that people are priced out of the ability to live? No!
  12. We are begging for resources because my patients — our family and friends — are dying
  13. 6 mos ago, President Trump declares a state of emergency around . But where is the funding?
  14. Every day, I have to decide who will get and who will have to go without. Every day, I have to ration a life-saving antidote

  15. . doesn’t have enough money for

  16. Everyday people have saved the lives of over 1,725 fellow residents
  17. 2.5 years ago, in , I issued a blanket prescription to every resident to carry the opioid antidote .
  18. Yet, only 1 in 10 people w addiction can ge the help that they need
  19. Science shows us that addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. That treatment works and recovery is possible

  20. The official cause of death was overdose. The real cause of death? Failure of our system, our society, our humanity

  21. Anna came by 2 hours later — she had overdosed. Her heart stopped beating and she wasn’t breathing. We did everything we could, but she died
  22. Anna was my patient — she came to the ER because she needed help for her addiction. But I had to say: “Sorry, the earliest we can get you treatment is 3 weeks from now”
  23. Thrilled to be here in Washington, DC for the with the team

  24. Thrilled to be speaking with my fellow advocates and scientists at the 2018 March for Science in Washington, DC! Science, not silence!

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