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Monday, May 4, 2020

dear friends www.opasha.org  the day we spent at world bank tedx seems many moons ago

great look forward to zooming tuesday 10am us east coast time 1930 delhi time and all times in between- 

one of the things we could consider is prepping a second zoom- shelly is sonali in new york or where-

 i know amitav arachaya in my neighborhood - complex to timetable but tell me if i should chase him - there is also sam pitroda- i was at a  junior notetaker in 2015 at windsor castle 2 day event on uniting health where he represented india though his home is chicago, the head of welcome foundation was there, also denis gilhooly  the un irish american sorting  out virus currently in beijing

i want to get these people zooming some time but maybe there is a different first extension that makes most sense to you all

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