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Friday, December 28, 2018

happy 2019
cumulative ideas we are pursuing on make basic health 10 times more affirdable- whats the point of mobilising 40000 timesmoore coms tech if we cant do this

1 segment- eg bangladesh vilage women built their nation - aned nd the most exciting grassroots networks to end poverty - by making a community busienss out of the 10 most life critrical services mothers needed to know about for infantg and maternal care - over 40 years they added many last mile health service solutioins- for example to p-recvent tuberculosis hire thise who have survived the disease since tis ifectious disease needs daily terreatmentg for up to a year

know whio can write curriculum of affordable health - sir fazle abed brac- histoirically farmer and kim of pih though their recent jobs seems to have prevvented themj from having tiome on deve;oping ay a mooc of bottom up helath care

look at this nigerain ladies heroic work on rebuilding nigeri' s health system

understanhd how komesaroff and patton at university of melboyrbe teamed up with lancet to demlonsgtrate that one of the maoij missing schools curriculum is peer to peer gorls health form 9 up starting with what girls will need to know about menstyrauation
celebrate that a boollywood movie has suddenly come out againat the india taboo of menstruation - by telling the heroic story of

Pad ManBollywood Movie Breaks India's Menstruation ...

Feb 07, 2018 · Such is the uplifting tale of Pad Man, a biographical Bollywood movie inspired byMuruganantham and his journey to extricate India from the …

in hcina a paralel is how one of the fitrst national corporations was developed to free thius market by

experince working with failoies of boys with hameophilia is parents are desperate for a commeon sense leaftlet on luife in day of- as chid grows up what is next soacial por medical chalenge he and the family will face - how does one learn ahead of time and find a peer club who menetirs you because they have already been through this

we could make a list of top 20 parents clubs - eg the specialists look at this from view of autism and livelihoods as well as the mental suport both family and child with autism need- interstinfly if a region leads in coding techolgu its leading comloany can team up with autism parents- thyey can sclout best ever d=coders for that cmpany - the comoany can then give back helping the regioanl group scout out other livelihoods people with autism can bets focus on

work of rosaling picard and others open sourcing sensors at mit sows that people diadvantaged on one sense - hearing sight etc often have other senses far better devgeloped than the rest of us- so if we can augnemnt missing sense - eg blind people can now be given thye same visual senses that robot use- we can suddenyl segment work where a person porevuously reuarded as disadvantaged is now supoer advanatged

---when you look at ideas like the abpve it becomes essental that one robot/ai team ;programs their robot withb the knowledge people in desperate need first need to share to become as self-sufficient as possible- this is almost the opsite to what the world top city professionals are examined and certified aroud- take the sanity test with someting like ebola- perfect traemament solution in the world's best supplied hospital ist the same as a humid vilage with no electricity miles from a big city

40000 tiem moore mobile tech could be designing bottom up health as an education curriculum 
lopen elarning content like khan academy could be reanalysed bu a robot teacher tariner to segent wjhat knowledge is tghe most important basic economical=l health curripcuilum - versus what is the curriculum of the most expesive health services

true media is needed to get in the middle of this - which countryes or cities offer such media - maybe japan , maybe china, will india and bbc change goiven their hostories of having a significant public invetsment in mdea

will ted turners foundation everr tackle this? what about afruca24tv.com in parus a media designed to help afrucans celebrate true media

Friday, November 30, 2018

ny amazonuni.com #br6 #theeconomist

in november amzon announced that it is extending where its brains hub to 3 cities - seattle, new york long island quuens, abd crystmal city technically virgina but DCor DMV to those of us who live in DC suburbs

lets assume that amazon purpose in hubbing 3 cities is to progress education of youth so that more are amazon-ready as potential brainworkers as relevant to being america's number 1 iternet generation company - then who in new york and dc is doing stuff that amazon's new collegiate networks including one designed round amazon criustal city pitch involving virgina tech's knowhow

here's what rockefeller hq in new york believes to be progress inj unibersal health

This year, the world is celebrating the first official International Universal Health Coverage Day. Every year on December 12th, #UHCDay will serve as a reminder of the progress we have made as well as the challenges ahead on the road to achieving health for all.
Many believe that universal health coverage sounds too difficult or expensive to achieve, but decades of experience in both rich and poor countries has shown that investing in health for everyone, especially the poorest and most marginalized, is achievable and that it pays for itself many times over. Countries that invest in strong primary health care, including well-trained, well-paid community health workers, are seeing dramatic gains—particularly for women and children.

We believe that in order to realize the goals set out by the Astana Declaration, which links primary health care as a key foundation of universal health coverage, we must build partnerships to unlock the potential of community health. This commitment follows our long history of transformative work in health—from eradicating hookworm in the American South, to launching the field of public health, to seeding the development of the life-saving yellow fever vaccine.
As we continue to work together to make #HealthforAll a reality everywhere, we invite you to be energized by this new, interactive documentary platform on the past, present, and future of this movement. We are certain that, like us, you will come away inspired to advocate for change in your country and community.

The Evolving Story of Health for All

A new, interactive documentary on universal health coverage shows a modern struggle with ancient roots.

Global Collaboration for Community Health

The Community Health Roadmap will elevate national priorities and create a common agenda for investments in community health.

Lessons From Alma-Ata

Realizing the future of health for all means looking back on what the world has learned since the Astana Declaration.

The Way to Stronger Health Systems 

We brought together a global panel of experts to explore the role of community health workers.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

why does world believe any americam economic guru

the truth is markets like health in usa are the least economic of any "advanced economy" in adam smith sense of transparency of costs, exponenetial risks and relationshps between prices and customes and society (interegerataional devlopment)  - and nobody can excuse american economists for looking the othetr wahy

lets lookm at 30 ways health is designed not to serve americans
part 1 gag pricing of drugs
definition gag is when your pharanacist can tell you that your insurance is chnarging you more for a drug than if you dont have insurfance

gad prices at pharmacy - so who began this crap apart from the big media and politicams who accepted money from big pharma - here are some tetstimonies that need searching to next level

Alex M. Azar II, the new secretary of health and human services, who was a top executive at the drugmaker Eli Lilly for nearly 10 years, echoed  concern. “That shouldn’t be happening,” he said.
Pharmacy benefit managers say they hold down costs for consumers by negotiating prices with drug manufacturers and retail drugstores, but their practices have come under intense scrutiny.
The White House Council of Economic Advisers said in a report this month that large pharmacy benefit managers “exercise undue market power” and generate “outsized profits for themselves.”
Steven F. Moore, whose family owns Condo Pharmacy in Plattsburgh, N.Y., said the restrictions on pharmacists’ ability to discuss prices with patients were “incredibly frustrating.”Mr. Moore offered this example of how the pricing works: A consumer filling a prescription for a drug to treat diabetes or high blood pressure may owe $20 if he uses insurance coverage. By contrast, a consumer paying cash might have to pay $8 to $15.
Mark Merritt, the president and chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, which represents benefit managers, said he agreed that consumers should pay the lower amount.
As for the use of gag clauses, he said: “It’s not condoned by the industry. We don’t defend it. It has occurred on rare occasions, but it’s an outlier practice that we oppose.”
However, Thomas E. Menighan, the chief executive of the American Pharmacists Association, said that such clauses were “not an outlier,” but instead a relatively common practice. Under many contracts, he said, “the pharmacist cannot volunteer the fact that a medicine is less expensive if you pay the cash price and we don’t run it through your health plan.”
A bipartisan measure that took effect in Connecticut this year prohibits the gag clauses. It was introduced by the top Democrat in the Connecticut Senate, Martin M. Looney, and the top Republican, Len Fasano.
“This is information that consumers should have,” Mr. Looney said in an interview, “but that they were denied under the somewhat arbitrary and capricious contracts that pharmacists were required to abide by.”
Mr. Fasano said that consumers were sometimes paying three or four times as much when they used their insurance as they would have paid without it. “That’s price gouging,” he said 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act from 2013 requires drug companies and their supply-chain partners to more closely track where their finished products are shipped, making counterfeit medicines harder to sneak into the system and easing drug recalls.
By 2020, pharmacies and hospitals must be able to verify that the drugs they’re dispensing came from manufacturers or repackagers, which divvy up huge batches of pharmaceuticals into the actual bottles that get distributed in pharmacies or hospitals. While pharma giants are still evaluating how to comply, health-care analysts says the impeding deadline is leading firms to seriously consider the blockchain, since it’s designed to create detailed and immutable databases.
“The best bet going right now appears to be blockchain,” in part because of the shortcomings of conventional software, said Chet Stagnaro, a consultant with health-care advisory firm Freed Associates. “The potential is definitely there.”
ck that trend. The Center for Supply Chain Studies has been conducting studies and trials with drug manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies since 2017 to assess how blockchain can meet the law’s requirements, according to Robert Celeste, founder of the organization.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

chris -
The United Nations is hosting two High-level Meetings this month, one focused on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and the other on tuberculosis (TB). Luckily for you: we’ve got a repertoire of materials to break it all down for you! Here’s a short summary:
  • September 26, 2018: UN HLM on TB (first ever!)
  • September 27, 2018: UN HLM on NCDs
  • Here’s a PowerPoint that breaks down NCDs and what PIH is doing at our sites
  • Here’s an article written by Drs. Farmer and Liu titled: The Neglected Solution to the TB crisis
  • You can find a PowerPoint on TB and our work with bilateral TB funding here
  • The Stop TB Partnership just published three articles on TB which you can find here
The Stop TB Partnership announced 26 days to September 26 and outlines action items you can take, feel free to read all about it here but I’ve broken it down below!
  1. Flood Twitter and Facebook with messages to priority Heads of State urging them to attend the #UNHLM to #EndTB on September 26, 2018 in #NewYork
    • Wondering what their twitter handles are? Check this out.
    • Template 1: "We urge [insert Name of Head of State/Government] to join forces NOW and attend the #UNHLMTB to #EndTB on 26th September 2018 in #NewYork. @StopTB @WHO"
      • The table below reflects the Twitter blast campaign focus for the Stop TB Partnership - if we join forces, we'll be more effective, FOCUS ON THE DATES BELOW.
September 12Indonesia, Canada, Ukraine
September 19China, Norway, Kazakhstan, DRC
September 24Pakistan, Australia, France
     2. Participate in the LightUpForTB initiative! Write to your local representative (mayor, governor, etc.) and urge them to join this unique global campaign which lights up landmarks in your cities and countries with red lights to mark this historic moment.
The Global Week of Action on NCDs is happening RIGHT NOW. Here’s what you can do to get involved and show your support for the improvement of health and lives of all people in all places!
  1. Use #EnoughNCDs and tag @PIH and @NCDSynergies and share stories of people impacted by NCDs
  2. Follow, support, and retweet @NCDSynergies @NCDIPoverty and @PIH throughout September
  3. Want more ideas? Check this out
Reminder: we will be focusing our November fundraising campaign on TB- so even if you can’t participate in the action items, these are great resources to read and become familiar with. If you want to learn more about people at PIH sites and other low-resource settings living with NCDs, click here. Questions? Email engage@pih.org – we’re here to help.

Friday, July 20, 2018

how to market the most and least affiordable health services in the world

if you want to make health service as expensive as ;possible you do want americans do- you get every expert to lobby for more and mote cost - from lawyers to professional qualifications to big pharma to insurance agencies whose bureaucracy spreads like weeds- you end up with the most expensive health care in the world and one where life expectancy has stared to go go down because more and more people cant afford it alternatively you can maximise a community's self sufficiency - segmenting service where expertise is really needed (eg 98% of hospice care doesnt need over-qualified professionals)

banagldesh vulagers built the most extraoirdinary health service i have ever come across - they lived in vilages without electricity- the few qualified doctors that bangladesh had as a new nation in the 1970s didnt want to go and live in villages- so at $100 bRAC worked out how to train vilagers to seve the most common linfant ife threatening illnesses such as dehydration and lank of njutrituin and the moist common maternal chalenges; of course this helath service didnt ofer major surger but then with no electricity in the vilages that wants possible anyhow; by focising on the basics - vilage life epectancy was raised from hiugh 30s to mid 60s; with most infants surviving vilage mothers werent required by the culture to give birth to so many children; over time other specific services were matched by disesease- for example infectious diseases like tiberciulosis are most safely and so economically sevred by people who have had teh disaease and survived- moreover basic health can be taught at schopls or throuogh peer to per adoielscent clubs and tiday online apps bring more and more local sufficiency

you cant ,legislate for more economic health service- you can market match it f you are prepared to clarify how to segment service solutoions

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Digitize Belt Road

Huge news - DIGITAL COOPERATION Antonio Guterres has organised an all star panel led by Jack Ma and Melinda Gates to report back on how digital cooperation changes the world -its economies, socoeties, and SDGs - at warp speed.

- its 9 month reporting cycle should make this one of the hottest reports for 100 national leaders to share at Xi Jinping's Belt Road 2  --- May 2019 Beijing

Belts to watch closely:

The Arctic Circle Belt - in spite of america's fake news, the reality is USA and Russia must talk about the Arctic Belt now and  China can help mediate. America's media is just about the worst curse under 30s have to live with. We all need to help Russia envision a world in which Russian people have as much opportunity to sustain the future as everyone else. Anyne who has studied climate more than 60 seconds knows:
1 Arctic Circle is Critical
 Russia as world's biggest country needs new trading relationships if t is ever to join in green energising the world

Now that India has joined the SCO the opportunity is on for landlocked eurasia's countries may be freed by corridors to the the belt that connects gulf, suez and med (ie the opposite route to the as yet unpopular icebreaker route). Now that bangaldesh is partnering Jack ma in the finetch race to bank the 2 billion poorest of Chia's neighbors, it is time the world invested in belt roads linking in Bangladesh (the nation through no fault of kts own that was dealt misery making borders by the wat the Brits did Indepedence of the Indian subcontinent

Celebrating a ;peaceful return by N Koreans to the world depends on ending 3 local rivalaries between japan chine and korea. Of course both Russia and USA have historic stakes in Korea but over 70 years after world war 2 - isnt it time China and S Korea made peace with Japan...

You only have tp look at all nations that face the med sea belt to see how much the EU has dismally spiralled (driven by mlortherned like germany with no share in the med sea). As Romano Prodi briefed Chinese students in 2017, until the EU stops externalisng onto its mebers tha share th Med Sea, Africa will always get left out of win-win trading roites the ssutainability genertion needs to colaboratively map.

Whilre Amerca has taken itself out of win-win trade mapping even with its only 2 direct neigbors _Canada and Mexico - Latin America is msart if it actively ;particilates in Belt Ropad 2 May 2019 as uses Argentina G20 in Novemenr as  stepping stone

Anyone who thinks that the SDGs have a bats chnace in hell with

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

why isnt adolescent health a literacy in all schools curricula

george patton in australia and the UK's Lancet suggest this is one of the top 10 missing curricula- its best designed in as peer to peer (if necessary before children leave school)- its a natural pathway to celebrating girls adolescent clubs- the number 1 education solution of brac's international partnership networking- the largest ngo movement in the world

back in the 1970s' brac first scaled nationwide with loral rehydcration being a learning modukle all vilage mothers needed; over the nextr decade kit trained more than a dhundred thousand vilage wlomen at under $100 ;person to sustain their lown volage busienss advising on basic maternal and infant health services including wellbeing and nutrition- these ladies knowhow then becamse available as brac developed the largest non governmenty schooling system

we estimate in rural places without enough medical advice -at least one young lady per 500 people could earn a living as a last mile health servant and educator if only brac's knowhow is replicated

thats probably at least 4 millioon jobs- bjut its also just the foundations of a lot mlore
- brac and other bootom-up health service educators have progessively linked more and mkore services - ed combating tubercosis and preventin viruses like ebola

they keep youth health -young incidence of aids is miniised wherever brac curricla are understood- moreover the solution to hiv infected mothers not passing on hiv to baibies needs to be known locally

young vilage gorls can be trained to do hspice work in cities - and wherever mediucal apps are passing on the testing to local health servants the opportunity to organisaclloy grow community health services gives youth hope
ultimately whether a communities most vilat local solutions are about health or other sdgs - the frabciscan model of professionals who go live and elarn with the poor is integral to how brac chnaged aid - from charity to sustainable microbusienss - from giving to knowing exactly who and what yout gift is chnaging - somethin g that big data small analysis makes ever mlore possible if we design tech to achieve humanity's gfreatest gials

reasons why we ask
in 2016 (the latest year for which data is available), 36.7M people were living with HIV globally, and there were more than 1.8M new infections in that year alone. The disproportionately high rate of new infections among adolescent women and girls in Southern and Eastern Africa is concerning—women ages 15-24 make up 26 percent of all new infections in this region yet are only 10 percent of the population. More than 200 babies a day are still infected with HIV by their mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding, despite the fact that this is almost entirely preventable.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

When in 1970s the average life expectancy in the world's poorest rural (90% without electricity nation) was in the 30s, and there weren't enough doctors to serve rich citizens, if you loved your nation's people as much as Sir Fazle Abed dis,  have to start somewhere. By training up last-mile health servants around 10 most basic diseases BRAC built a health service that raised life expectancy to the 60s. Moreover the para healthworkers had their own village franchises to serve making their livelihoods self-sustaining

Of course, many supporting community sustaining solutions now contribute to the increase in life expectancy. Food security was gained by innovations in rice science and improving vegetable seeds. Every mother was taught how to save infant lives with oral rehydration. It was the ability of BRAC to deliver this nationwide program - with the consewuemce that quarter of infants lives were saved that put BRAC in the development world map. In fact James Grant then head of UNICEF was so happy with sponsorship of thois program that he took rehydration salts with him wherever he had giest dinners with heads of state. If BRAC could train every illiterate vilage mother, he could train every head of state. When much later BRAC coulad afford to open a uninversity in 199, pride of place is the James Grant School of public health.

By being a grassroots up networking organisation, BRAC maximised how everyone in the community trained and supported each other.

BRAC revolutioniased aid not just by being bottom up but by treplacing charieties by social bsuienss wherever possible, and when it did invote goiving - innovationg conditiopnal cash transer wherever possible. This menas the gifting was assigned to seeing individuals achieve specified results - such as brac's seciondary girls schoilarship program without which most village girls would have had no access to access to schools after age 11.

Today many more pieces have been added to the health servovice. For ecxamp,le BRAC's response tlo Tubeculosis is a world class servoce in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

And BRAC has become teh wporld's largest ngo partnership; the one that offers becmkarks to ending extremepe povert across s asia; the one that has since may 2018 started partnership with many youth's fanorite technologust Jack Ma.

And yet if ever there is living proof of the microeconomic principle that health societies generate strong economies not vice versa BRAC is IT.

Both in rich and developing nations, university certificates are not the future youth of sustainabilty generation need. My fathers 1984 book first suggested assuming by 2024 only half billion jobs would be competitive like manufacturing lifeless things-

3 billion new jobs of under 30s would collaboratively need to come from one billion would renew every community flourishing, one billion would change climate innovating renewable economies, one billion would use tech to leapfrog and create imagination networking of solutions franchises app'd in mainly open source ways

My father.a teenager navigating airplanes over modernday bangladesh in world war 2 ,  was well aware of the alternative orwellian scenario that people never reclaim peace and climate or wars end most of our species. This is why his exponential timelines while not exact were likely to have been irreversible before i parted from this planet

so father's last project sent youth journalists out to bangladesh  and china - and after the bypass of muhammad yunus, mostofa and I found brac was much deeper benchmark ; around 2008 I first started watching videos of jack ma as even crazier than the most futuristic version my father had debated since 1968 (the imminent moon landing was what caused my father to believe 1000 times nore mobile connectivity 2016 versus 1946 would be the most exciting innovation time ever

for 8 years now since i was first lucky enough to meet sir fazle he has said his key future plan is an experiential college -empowered by some tech wizards (big data small platforms as the new way to redesign value chains bootom up), most of its students do real work in communities that connects livelihood networks and future public servants can see this is also what the country needs   in vital value chains like health, food security, personal safety as well as tech for the poorest-thats actually the bigger think jack ma is building than even all of ecommerce

thanks to a combination of guides like amy from the village and tsingua graduates, I found that tsinghua already has about 20 practice groups operating like you sabina and matching what i thought sir fazle descrobed; i have been discussing this with dr islam who sir fazle nominated to connect all findings' I so hope we can get connections going that are real on health the most miraculous of sir fazles networks in eyes of early fans like james grant jim kim george soros, paul farmer and many other markets that are joyful only if communities take back their development 

- jack ma has promised a huge expo on this in parallel to each olympics from 2020
tokyo has special flavors as his biggest investors are there, and japan has like nordica an advanced economy of societies that love nature, art etc
beijing winter olympics has all of public servants tsinghua, supertech and business working on it
paris can also reunite climate 
brac needs to be everywhere in middle of waht ma calls loveqif poorest girls are to make sure these communities flourish

all the best chris macrae washington dc and text usa /whats app 240 316 8157
and thanks for amazing work