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Saturday, December 31, 1988

larry briiliant

leader of network that ended smallpox

connector of the microfranchise aravind fiunded by to end unnecessart blindness - his own networks seva

you can see larry at about 1 min 20 of this video- at the time we didnt understand why founder of aravind dr v said mcdonalds was the model economics of eyecare needed to replicate

towards 2007 larry won ted prize - project maps to minimise risk - becamer forst ceo of google.org

then joined skoll foundation and division on rgent media eg inconvenient truth film

- early connector of west coast intenet societies like the well

h: Help me stop pandemics | TED Talk - TED Talks


Accepting the 2006 TED Prize, Dr. Larry Brilliant talks about how smallpox was eradicated from the planet, and ...

News - Larry Brilliant Wins TED Prize - Seva Foundation


His Brilliant Career "I'm the luckiest guy in the world!" Larry says with amazement. "I got to see the last case of smallpox. I've lived to see Seva's projects give sight to two million blind people and grow with other projects. I've been working in India on the campaign to eradicate polio, and I think we've just about done it.
When a powerful mystic steps on the hand of a radical young hippie doctor from Detroit, it changes lives and the world. Sometimes Brilliant chronicles the adventures of a philosopher, seeker, unconventional doctor, groundbreaking tech innovator, and key player in the eradication of one of the worst pandemics in human history. His story—about what happens when love, compassion, and determination meet the right circumstances to effect positive change—is the kind that keeps hope and the sense of possibility alive.
After sitting at the feet of Martin Luther King Jr. at the University of Michigan in 1963, Larry Brilliant was swept up into the civil rights movement, marching and protesting across America and Europe. As a radical young doctor, he followed the Hippie Trail from London over the Khyber Pass with his wife Girija, Wavy Gravy, and the Hog Farm commune to India. There, he found himself in a Himalayan ashram wondering whether he had stumbled into a cult. Instead, one of India’s greatest spiritual teachers, Neem Karoli Baba, opened Larry’s heart and told him his destiny was to work for the World Health Organization to help eradicate deadly smallpox. He never would have believed he’d become a key player in eliminating a ten-thousand-year-old disease that killed more than half a billion people in the twentieth century alone.
Brilliant’s unlikely trajectory, chronicled in Sometimes Brilliant, has brought him into close proximity with political leaders, spiritual masters, cultural heroes, and titans of technology around the world—from the Grateful Dead to Mikhail Gorbachev, from Ram Dass, the Dalai Lama, Lama Govinda, and Karmapa to Steve Jobs and the founders of Google, Salesforce,  Facebook, Microsoft, and eBay, and Presidents Carter, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. Anchored by the engrossing account of the heroic efforts of the extraordinary people involved in smallpox eradication in India, this is a riveting and fascinating epidemiological expedition, an honest reckoning of an entire generation, and a deeply moving spiritual memoir. It is a testament to faith, love, service, and what it means to engage with life’s most important questions in pursuit of a latest book infinite vision - needlessness blindness- 60% blindness india due to cataracts- latest model- cost to commity of not endind needless blindness far more than cost of aravind