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Sunday, March 29, 2020

key source china ai newsletter by oxford graduate jef ding Jeffrey Ding
Researcher Ph.D. Student in Int'l Relations My (sometimes) weekly newsletter on China's AI scene: chinai.substack.com
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Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA)
Date: March 2020
Leiphone did an article that took an overview of the report, essentially excerpting the main parts -: https://www.leiphone.com/news/202004/ETX3vjvRVkd45vVe.html

over 500 cases at  AI Industry Alliance Report on 500+ Use cases of AI in Coronavirus Control
example ai in making masks
“In actual production, Pulisi (Guangzhou) transformed its original production line into a flexible AI vision fully-automated mask machine, using AI for identification and packaging control. The output from a single machine can reach 120 pieces per minute, and the daily output of masks exceeds 150,000 pieces; Tyrobot (TSIC -- Shenzhen Tuoye Robot Automation) launched an automated mask production line and put it into use; DEEPEXI uses AI visual inspection to assist in the quality inspection of mask production, helping to improve production efficiency.”

membership has vary subcouncil/coalitions - eg the tech group council vice-chairs (29). The final category includes the leading tech companies Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, 360, etc., plus Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and the Harbin Institute of Technology.”

caution you do need an experienced chinese translator to work out whats a concept and whats already happening - but anyone who has struggled to work out reality in eg the us response to the virus will know that this is par for the course in our era of total loss of brand reality- see how bad the situation had already gotten in 1999 our triple special issue of journal of marketing management on worst 20th c gaps in gulf betwee perception and pride/passion required in identifyng the world's uniquely purposeful organisations and partnerships

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

curriculum of saving world from virus needs to be led from east and then distributed by all osun teachers- can you get some people from sabina's team and your past contacts to join this webinar- here are my naive questions- we need female community workers questions far deeper than mine-https://zoom.com.cn/webinar/register/WN_sU_p75jTTWWvB0i0yJATqw--did either country ask youth who had survived the disease to join the frontlines ? americans keep on hoping this is a seasonal disease- its always hot in singapore- is there any likelihood that sunshine reduces this virus? is it possible to benchmark each country with korea- can we learn what korea, singapore, china each did best as well as what was biggest lesson from another country? youth worldwide need the far east to lead this curriculum as an open society coalition not a political oneupmanship between nations... also it looks as if they use zoom- i am trying to understand is zoom what every online educator needs or what will osun use as optimal online platform for action learning

Monday, March 23, 2020

trillion dollar maths puzzle - we can only see data from tested world which as march 21 incidents of tests in thousands of humans - active 292, dead13, recovered 91 seems to be - typical questions discussed at economisthealth.com - if there are 10 times more untested cases does this mean death rate reduces from just over 4% to 0.4% - what further questions arise from march 21 with about 60% unrecovered - 13 days earlier data was showing about 60% recovered- so we have the issue that as the world does more testing its quite hard to understand how much recovery time varies for those that get severely ill but i cant find a way to predict from this data that a global olympics will be safe to hold unless everywhere ups its testing to korean or chinese levels of efficiency which wont happen in least developed countries without infrastructure or developed countries where testers make huge profits because testing inst normall a gov service

welcome discussion chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - over at least 60 years, no country has given my family tree more opportunities to explore the world more than japan so both for youth and japan i dream of the best possible olympics outcome

of the g20 i rate abe -his launch of osaka big data track and society 5.0) as way more trustworthy on sdgs than any of the western leaders- jury still out on some of the rest- among mayors every mayor of a smart city should want to frienk ms koike on a basis of transparency and trust living up to smithian standards
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Latest count: 58 treatments, 43 vaccines now in development -- less than *90 days* from when the #covid19 virus was first sequenced

And just announced: the Gates Foundation has banded together with 14 biopharmas - including J+J, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lilly, GSK, BMS, Sanofi - in the race for a cure

Reasons for #optimism

#dailyloonshot #coronavirus #loonshots #gatesfoundation

Friday, March 20, 2020

  1. log 3/20/2020  thanks jack ma for sharing nurses handbook from wuhan i wish very teacher and student could be free to experience such courageous skills

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    BACK IN 1984 -our book 2025 report explained why we believed survival of our species would depend on 21st nations spending at least 5% of their budget on transforming education:
    go online
    twin classes worldwide to search for best solutions/trainers of solutions every community needed for next girl or boy born having a great chance at life

    paradoxically the west biggest nations have failed in that until today a virus has forced online education and working worldwide

    this would be a good time to listen to the favorite educator and economist o a billion poorest girls - fazle abed

Monday, March 9, 2020

Web results

5 days ago - ... has continuously contributed towards combating the virus — Jack Ma, ... Researchers at Damo Academy told the media that the new AI tool is ...
Jack Ma, has laid out a framework of three guiding principles for the development of the academy : "DAMO must outlive Alibaba" , "It must serve at least 2 billion ...

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Welcome to the first edition of Bloomberg's new daily coronavirus newsletter for the latest on the Covid-19 outbreak and its impact around the world. You're receiving this introductory newsletter because you're an active Bloomberg subscriber and we thought you might be interested in reading this new daily briefing. To keep getting the latest virus news in your inbox after today, sign up here.
Good morning, everyone. Here's the latest top news on the virus:
  • Cases top 109,000 worldwide; deaths exceed 3,800. 
  • Stocks worldwide plunged as oil fell 30%. U.S. yields hit new lows.
  • France called for Europe-wide fiscal stimulus; the U.S. is preparing measures to support the economy.

Our take on the latest developments

This week, countries with early-stage coronavirus clusters are going to start finding out whether they’re Italy, or whether they’re Singapore.
Early on, Singapore seemed like it could succumb to an outbreak because of its close geographic and economic ties to China. But it’s totaled only 150 cases since a first patient emerged in mid-January.
In Italy, there were only 17 identified cases less than three weeks ago. Now, there are more than 7,000, with at least 350 people dead. Movement has been restricted around Milan, Venice and other northern cities. There are concerns about hospitals being strained beyond capacity.
The two countries offer contrasting case studies. Italy showed what can happen when an outbreak goes undetected. Singapore’s decisive measures proved that aggressive testing, tracking and quarantine can halt the virus.
The U.S. isn’t Singapore. A weeks-long failure to test and isolate patients and their contacts means that opportunity has likely passed. There are too many cases emerging without ties to other ones and experts believe the disease is circulating freely in some places.
The question is whether America will look like Italy, or something else.
Two weeks ago, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that Americans should be ready to experience disruptions in their daily lives. With markets in panic, and a public-health response that’s seemed behind the ball, that’s looking more likely by the day.
U.S. testing for new cases is expected to rapidly grow this week, and so too will the number of confirmed patients. Those numbers will likely determine the reaction by state and local governments. New York has already urged people who might be vulnerable to commute on off hours, and walk or bike to avoid the subway. The CDC has told people with underlying health conditions to stock up on necessary supplies like prescription medicines. 
Fighting epidemics, or stopping them from spreading, has a cost. When we’re ahead of them, we have relatively cheap, non-disruptive tools—like vaccines. When we’re behind them, economy-rattling quarantines, movement restrictions and health-system strain become more likely—not to mention more infections, and more people seriously ill or dead.

The market selloff speaks to a gnawing sense that policy makers are falling further and further behind the virus. This week, the world is going to start finding out just how bad things really are.— Drew Armstrong 

Track the virus

Photographer: Bloomberg Graphics
Photographer: Bloomberg Graphics

Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Around the World

See the latest counts globally as health authorities around the world remain on high alert.

What you should read

The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.
A virus-stricken ship, with more than 3,500 on board, prepares to dock in California. Saudi Arabia unleashes all-out war on the price of oil. Wall Street analysts worry about signs of distress in the funding markets.
Asia’s super rich suddenly have lots of time on their hands.
China’s efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus will be tested as people return to their workplaces and some infected people enter from elsewhere.
Restrictions on 17 million people are the most draconian in the West, but they’re far less strict than China’s. The onus is on citizens to comply.
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