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Friday, May 8, 2020

50 missing curriculum/lessons www.zoomuni.net  #1 collaborate to end corona

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40 years ago i started co-writing a book- 2025 report published in 1984- the exponential rise in technology would, as orwell had feared, be spun by big brothrs to end our species unless we transformed education in time.

much of our work was co-published live in the economist by my father norman macrae. he reported different sector to look out for- if we missed the most vital curriculum of health, all other tech wizardry would be for nought. i have been alarmed for 15 years now how silicon valley got obsessed with big data for self-driving cars not for health even though all looked different when google.org made its first ceo the great immunologist larry brilliant. i look for universities whose vice chancellor or founding board members love immunology. i expect half of universities should be closed among those who dont. that's because as our book argued students working hard to be the first sdg generation should not be put in debt. its actually the elderly who have lost out in west because their 300 trillion dollars of pension funds has refused to make health or other sdg projects asset grade. its now 2 years sine the un has known that is the main financial gap preventing progress, yet each time i go to a un summit and ask what are you doing about this- the answer has been trust us but thats currently up to 5 financial genii to report back on. even since subprime 2008, financial geniuses have scared me as much as our basic last mile public health services, i come from 5 generations of diaspora scots who value adam smith texts on healthy scieties generate strong intergeberational economies not vice versa

anyway while we had hoped online education would be as widespread as any other online activity from the beginning of coding or of world webbing or of mobilising global apps or of compuyers crunching local data to the nth degree of natural diversity, you all are in 2020 suddenly doing everything online. so www.zoomuni.net and ww.alumnisat.com see  no surprise in naming end virus the number 1 missing curriculum

what is surprising is this challenge isnt just about how brilliant our health scientists are- its about if you dont design random stats surveys correctly ahead of time you can drown in data that gets more and more political- you may close down whole value chain components of peoples day to day livelihoods in blanket ways instead of targeting open and closed

there will be parts of the curriculum virus that can only be known when a few medical genii find the cure. but every child and teacher can least some 5th grade statistics online together about random sampling and requiring that mass media news anchors who have never passed 5th grade maths be banned from covering fear stories- as for what criteria we the peoples should demand from public servants- that is something people of different cultures and different stages of regional development must make up their own minds on. there are countries where eg closing even 20% of the food supply chain will kill people of famine - thats is one reason why adaptability to exponential risks that will face us all through the 2020s will not be about one nation having all the right answers. nature is more diverse than that. education systems designed round examination more than experiential learning was what the 2025 report asked elders not to trap youth in. we need to stop using the sdgs as ad stories- if elders cant live sdgs now they certianly should blame youth who dont understand corona

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