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Sunday, March 29, 2020

key source china ai newsletter by oxford graduate jef ding Jeffrey Ding
Researcher Ph.D. Student in Int'l Relations My (sometimes) weekly newsletter on China's AI scene: chinai.substack.com
news on
Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA)
Date: March 2020
Leiphone did an article that took an overview of the report, essentially excerpting the main parts -: https://www.leiphone.com/news/202004/ETX3vjvRVkd45vVe.html

over 500 cases at  AI Industry Alliance Report on 500+ Use cases of AI in Coronavirus Control
example ai in making masks
“In actual production, Pulisi (Guangzhou) transformed its original production line into a flexible AI vision fully-automated mask machine, using AI for identification and packaging control. The output from a single machine can reach 120 pieces per minute, and the daily output of masks exceeds 150,000 pieces; Tyrobot (TSIC -- Shenzhen Tuoye Robot Automation) launched an automated mask production line and put it into use; DEEPEXI uses AI visual inspection to assist in the quality inspection of mask production, helping to improve production efficiency.”

membership has vary subcouncil/coalitions - eg the tech group council vice-chairs (29). The final category includes the leading tech companies Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, 360, etc., plus Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and the Harbin Institute of Technology.”

caution you do need an experienced chinese translator to work out whats a concept and whats already happening - but anyone who has struggled to work out reality in eg the us response to the virus will know that this is par for the course in our era of total loss of brand reality- see how bad the situation had already gotten in 1999 our triple special issue of journal of marketing management on worst 20th c gaps in gulf betwee perception and pride/passion required in identifyng the world's uniquely purposeful organisations and partnerships

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