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Monday, December 23, 2019

goal 3

which would you prefer 10 times less costly or 10 times more costly health service

inspired by china's barefoot medics bangladesh's and brac's sir fazle abed developed the 10 times less costly village womens health service from early 1970s- what he and friendly investors like james grant at unicef did was identify the 10 lowest cost to cure killer diseases of infants and mothers and trained villagers to deliver the cures in humid villages without access to electricity grids
-over 200000 villagers applied to operate this microfranchise- as the villages had no financial services other than loan sharks, girl empowered microfinance plus was born to serve this village industry and related ones such as borlaug's rice science microfranchise which helped to end famine across south asia goal 3

we shouldn't be surprised that life saving microfranchises need borderless replication wherever the climate and other poverty variables are similar- over and over Chinese and Bangladesh Village girls helped each other end ultra poverty- if this most joyful education lesson cannot be shared around the world- what chances any sustainability goal solution will ever be mediated

often the west has misunderstood these and other cases that made sir fazle abed the greatest educational economist the world will ever know- that is if goal 1 - a world can be sustained wherever the next girl is born thanks to thriving communities everywhere giving her a fair chance at life -more at fazleabed.com and the journal of adam smith scholars co-sponsored by EconomistScotland.com

if every community has a gravitational hub for low cost but reliable health service microfranchises you can start adding more microfranchises; in the last mile village case infectious diseases are often best monitored and treated by those who survived that particular disease in the past - this is especiallly important for ending tuberculosis

other cases use modern technology to search out patioents and to bus them into a local specialist centre - arvind end needless blindness started in india is world class at laser operations- the surgeons do 10 times more operations- the schedulars and patient nurses are trained from vililage girls

in rich nations -take something like obesity- this could be a microfranchise -it is mainly a prevention or alternative diet disease - in only a small per cent of cases does a top medic need tio be involved

much day to day care of the elderly likewise needs loving but non expert staff except when mobile monitors call in an expert for a specific problem

another issue is the total failure of the education system- the lancet and australian doctors have proposed the biggest 11 + missing curriculum of all ios peper to peer adolescent health - once yo0u start the intergenerational process a 13 year old girl can teach 12 years olds can teach 11 year olds the experiential learning that is - this can be a most valuable bridge to jack ma's challenge- unless we take students outside the classroom  to apprentice in skills half will become unemployable

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