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Friday, December 27, 2019

back in 1984 my dad and my book the 2025 report which was translated into vary updates to 1993 (nordica's new vikings) predicted cancer solution would leap forward when big data cancer AI united all separated charity researchers- since my sister died at 30 of cancer i am very concerned with making this prediction happen and part of the australian macrae clan are on the case - as are cloe friends of jim kim - if you know how to search future of cancer who is kit we should be whatsapping with first- is this something pitroda would join in- clearly bloomberg would be wasting his billions with hopkins if they dont join in the 1984 network i want to see happen- my last visit to delhi was cohosted by australian medics and the 2004 india minister of tech and broadcasting at the indira gandhi center - i will be uploading one of the conference documents as part of my uniting future of india networkers later today - also i try to co-blog at www.economisthealth.com -the yokois who mostofa knows well were supposed to unite tokyo university's global scholar movement by now but have failed to do so even though they had the goodwill of toyota foundations and abdul latif - a movement probably bigger than education above all- anyway it fixed the recent nobel economic prize for its poverty lab at harvard not my favorite hub ... ca va

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