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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

chat with gemini on alphafold 2 and biotech ai


Do you know of any open source research going on in uk using alphafold2. This seems to be the greatest data gift from AI but its in a technical area so seems to get far less celebration than other ai

More specifically there is quite a lot of education on ai going on arounf uk Turing institute; i am wondering if anyone who works for Turing institute has a mandate or interest to ask how do we make sure alphafold2 is maximised for public advances

So there are various health foundations in uk - i think they used to be led by paul nuse - do any of those occur to you as likely advancers of alphafold2 uses

Do you know if the crick institute or any of the royal socieieties (eg royal society of medicinne) are helping to popularise what alphafold2 reseach can best advance in next 3 years or so

Is there a list of labs deep mind has formed in uk where the intention is at least partly societal as opposed to business advances of alpafold2

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