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Monday, July 24, 2023

 In launching AI game at www.economistdiary.com we wanted to see health aigood well represented -

currently we have gammatour2 ai cancer- mainly under  40 ai genii dedicated to how data can lhelp human intelligence leap forward on this

and alpha tour 2 chronological intelligences 1950-2025 mapping worldwide health leaps

Gamma2 AICancer/drug discovery Vertes Bosselut, Curtis, Fei-Fei LI, Hassabis - see also June 2023 Welcome pdf
Alpha2HealthDeepIntel Paulo Freire, Fazle Abed, Martha Chen & Family, James Grant, Paul Farmer, George Soros, JYKim, Antonio Guterres. Melinda Gates. Lila Ibrahim

we're here to learn - do you have alternative nominations -we're trying to improve picks from Allen Foundation (some moves there)

we've asked LLM bard for update reports on ai health - try this from UK welcome foundation https://welcome.ai/report/ai-in-healthcare-report

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