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Monday, September 26, 2022

grreat ai health session during UNGa77

i will try and find transcript but also huge for understanding peopels personal netwporks - when it comes to can tech save millennials as the sdg generation , amandeep has become arguably guterres and the worlds number 1 connector out of un hq ny

until recently he had mainly been in geneva- so had helped co-found _-DAIR even though anti-nuclear was one of his main ares of work

in 2016 first year review of new sdgs, goal 4edu reviewed as hopeless without tech - so a digital cooperation mission from un ny to geneva was led -main health connector of this was world banks jim kim ; when guterres became un leader he soon started asking amandeep to edit a worldwide panels expert ideas on digital cooperation; this became 9 interacting pieces of transforming un -a fter report in 2020; various staff changes happened until june 2022 amandeep reappointed to lead 

 Thank you for registering to attend I-DAIR and partners' SSUNGA 77 interactive session on ’AI Researchhttps://www.un.org/techenvoy/ in Health: Tackling Global Challenges as One’ in person.

As a reminder, below are the event details and some additional information:

The event will take place tomorrow (Thursday 22nd September) at Conference Rooms 818 and 819, CUNY Central Offices, 205 East 42nd Street, New York City and begin promptly at 12:30pm (EDT).

The session agenda is as follows:
  • [from noon/12 pm] Check-in and Registration
  • [12:30 pm] Opening remarks (Dr. Christoph Benn)
  • [12:40 pm] Keynote speech (USG Amandeep Singh Gill)
  • [12:55 pm] Panel 1 – Promoting collaborative research in AI for health
  • [1:35 pm] Panel 2 – State of the art in AI for health
  • [2:15 pm] Closing remarks (Dr. Stefan Germann)
  • [2:30 – 3:30pm] Networking Reception

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