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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

New guidance: everyone in high risk areas which are 2/3 of USA wear masks—vaccinated and not—indoors due to more transmissible delta variant. Includes schools.

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Vaccines prevent death from COVID-19. This comparison shows how dramatically death rates have plummeted in the months after vaccine rollout in UK. thanks
367 delta is only a small way through the greek alphabet- if we let covid play out the whole alphabet - bye bye sorry ghastly media of mass and digital kinds pied pipered all or real lives matter to extinction -chris.macrae@yahoo,co.uk MA Stats Cambridge DAMTP -  before we even got to the fun part of von neumann's playbook my dad the economist's norman macrae was privileged to be the biographer of - now out in japanese

 as for risks new data suggest vaccinations end death of the vaccinated but are not certain to stop you from being an asymtomatic spreader and as the last true american epidemiologist larry btilliant

 - he who ended smallpox in asia and started up google.org around risk mapping says -

Larry Brilliant MD, MPH
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