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Sunday, April 18, 2021

search  truth about covid -nhk origins pandemic:

emerging probabilities

from traces of covid in sewerage virus began well before dec 2019 - the poor wuhan market was simply where cluster of people packed together infected each others breathing/aerosols

years ago the virius probably started mutating in mountains of southern china - home to bats; all the worlds scientists have been travelling there for years

the greatest avoidable risk to humanity cause wherever world's most powerful censored transmission 1 caused by mouth to face aerosol; 2 ranged from being a killer to over 980s to being 99.999% symptomless four youngest third of world

Apr 11, 2021 — Origins of the Pandemic: Part 1 The Beginning - NHK Documentary - TV | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs. In this two-part investigative report, NHK delves into scientific data and social media posts in search of clues to the origins of the new coronavirus. Part 1 looks at when and where the virus began spreading.

mathematically probably the greatest puzzle not yet discussed openly -
4 regions had massive problems becuase wuhan not shut down dec 30
china had problems with tens of million of trips to its other cities
japan 400 000 wuhan vistors
europe 300,000
usa 200,000

so how did china develop algoritms that effectively ended the virus while no other region did- this is a lesson every relevant scientist should be wanting collaboration with china to understand
our main hypotheis from transarent media on pandemic
it is disastrous with any natural phenomenon when men erect artificial boders to transparenlly soling risks to humans - if we dont learn from corona before climate or other health risks , our species wont get to century 22

do you have a main hypothesis? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - see also ai health astra.place

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