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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

 as 69.75 year old living near usa national institute of health got my first vaccineYESTERDAY

here are my ratings - montgomery county one of most expensive in usa 0/10 for organising queues by which i mean top people like governor had months to design something better than asking over 65 year olds to check 100 different pharmacist online queues -at least 40 hours of my time wasted- i cannot see how maryland's governor sees his seat as tenable

vaccinators - very decent nurses - less problem with modena than vaccines i usually need to travel to poorest places

cdc does an excellent daily interview online on symptoms https://vsafe.cdc.gov/en/

if you want to share vaccine experiences please say if you want you commemts published here and if so what contact point you would like me to quote



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