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Saturday, September 19, 2020

who's health action networks do you linkin

 over the last 13 years since our first visit of 15 visuts to bangladesh we have researched at worldrecordjobs who's knowhow saves communities lives from infectious diseases, poverty and nations which are not yet governed round all lives matter starting with mothers and kids

unlike othernations bangladesh had been colonisedtwice by britain to 1949 then by pakistan during the first quarter of a century of uniting nations round what peoples needed most; bangladesh had the 8th largest pulation in 1971 when it was born and zero money and rural regions where 80% of people built communitie with no access to electricity and its main city in rubble due to war of independnce- if you want to study the greatest girls development miracle ever seen on earth you make sure you understand the sequence in which rual women added 25 years of life expectancy to being bangladeshi


 those from a hundred years ago including the stanfords, florence nightingale the origin of nursing as a last mile community service as well as one conderned with vetrans- initially english ones reurning from a war in ukraine- clara barton who set up the american red cross inspired by the founbdation of the swiss red cross in geneva which from the birth of the united nations in san franciso mage geneva the most pracitdal epicentre of sharing world health organisation knowhow and later value chain designs empored by mobile technolgy itu as well as desiging trade rules so that no community is excluded- in other words from 1945 the world needed diffeent maps of value exchanges than the ones slavemaking and genocide ruling empires had built with the first 185 years of maachine and humans- i am a diaspora scot- i can tell you that the 2 lads who started up machines glagow university 1760 had exactly opposite hopes for how machines were shared around the world than london's banking empire-

healtyh societies exponentially generate strong economies not vice versa; they do this from the community up not top down empires; the simplest definition that we can find of the challenge to youth being the first sustainability generation is ending poverty by ensuring each next girl or boy born has a good chance at life and livelihood, ie babies lives matter - that can only happen if every community thrves through diversity as well as being deep data linked into live critical apps and societal networking- since the giant leap of landing on the moon the techs of computing and communicatiing have embedded up to a trillion times mooore people power to suport every lives matter- thats what alumni of gordon moore have been netwking since 1965 and what the place brand silicon valley was launched around in 1972 with the help of stanford university- a unique university founded by a 19th century governor of california- his 15 year old son had died of typhoid while traveling europe- his wife and he declared they would love every californian child's education and stanford university started up around that goal- 

the grant family grewup as medical missonaries in china- by the time james grant became the head of unicef he was the righ immunolgist/population epidemiologist to connect a billion poorest womens health services across bangladesh and china; other vice chancellors trained in these skills - eg the late 20th century head of americas number 1 libeal arts coollege swarthmore helped sir fazle abed found brac university arounf colege 1james grants school of public health- today brac university serves to linkin knowhow of all the people sir fazle abed and hundred of millions asian vilage girls truted most to leap beyong ultra poverty- it should be noted that the 3 main empires britsh dutch japanese  that trapped half of the world people in povertyduring the colonial era amplified by macgines 1760-1945 have webbed heroic coomunity building applications of english language, tech leapfrogs and hi-trust relationships with alumni of sir fazle abed (previouslyregional ceo royal dutch shell, alma mater glasgow university engineering colege)

sir fazle abed who died dec 2019

jim kim and paul farmer- kim world banked between 2012-2018- he is a franciscan (ie valuing peoples the way pope francise does) american korean whose practice brilliance focused on ending tuberculosis in slums and rural area; george soros sposored kim and farmer to start ending both tubercolsis and hiv globally from around 1999- in the next 5 years they had linked in fazle abed and bill gates to theit home student exchanges which were epicentred in boston and had before soros been focused local health exchanges with haiti and peru- as well as training youth to fight infectious doseases, farmer hadstarted up rural general practice hubs; with the earthquake in haiti farmer had been funded to rebuild the nations main teaching hospital; boston students also started up the main local to global netwrk od solving chronic diseases

origins of anericans helpin asians end infectious diseases include larry brilliant whose medical training started in detroit at a time when you didnt get into debt to train to be a doctor and whose firs job accompaying the pop group wavy gravy on world tour took him to the groups annual retreat in afghanistan 1964 where they refreshed their ebergies with popworlds conscius guru; brilliant stayed onto be theman who netwrk mapped how to end small pox on the asian continent- in thise days networking in rural area was all person to persom due to no no access to electricity; about 40 years later brilliant popped up to be google.org's first ceo and chain of mapping tools to end panademics- quite why google let brilliant go around 2009 is part of the puzzle how did gates, bush, pretty much everyone at top of amerucan human dev administration rank pandemics as nu,ber 1 risk to our species but not use deep data tech 2005-2020 to resolve this challenge- please note that larry brilliant is in his eighties- he did everything he could- people at top of google, the billionare consortium of gates, whichever republicans networks came after bush need to testify why american tech wated 15 years on this and other vital sdg issues

jack ma is an inteesting charcter- aged 10 to 30 he became the favorite ebglsh language teacher of chinese youth; on his first trip to usa seattle 1995 he saw the launchof amazon and spent the next 22 years uniting partnerships from silicon valley tokyo and goildman sachs to build the peoples ecommerce and the peoples money; then at wef 2017 he annouced that from 2019 he'd retutn to teahing and health and grren services and help youth redesign their gratest heroes at sporting and fashion events- behind the scenes ma shares research he has done from eg bangladesh with geneva's networks be these the un's or the world economic forums-he aso published for free the wuhans nurses handbook- if you read that you will find out about simple practices such as mask wearing as well as understand deep data tracing apps; jack is arguably the most practical un envoy youth entrepreneurs of sg world will have in the 2020s but he would be the first to admit he is a translator/comnectr not the inovation hero of how last mile health servants collaborate to provide the most heroic coomunit support our species can search and outreach

we would love to compare lists of who's practice knowhow you linkin- we are talking about knowhow for every age group from 9 up - thas because we back the detailed published view at the lancet that schools are missing a peer to peer curriculum so adolescents up can know how to sustain their own wellbeing as well as use new tech to help end infectious diseases and connect the worldwide deep data needed to resolve chronic diseases

one of the challenges is where do such truly great health servants multiply each others knowledge as well as where is this politically blocked or mis-researched by big western universities often sponsored by health for the rich not health for all sdgs

the person who connected the most bottom up health knowhow impacting up to 2 billion poorest asians from 1970 to 2019 died recently - before his death sir fazle abed had linkedin the world's largest ngo partnerships in all the main markets of human development SHELF


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