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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

bill and melinda gates who have been working on virus through years trump reduced fubding - back who - see abc now

see also cbs lenghi - will economic fallout be greater than virus- los angeles to ban spors to mid 2021- nj governoir says new normal wont be old normal- so does cuomo - heroes mount sinai/beth israel -nb while over 9000 medical workers got virus so far only 27 died - that is less than the death rate of eldes from other flus

this is a very targeted flu
death rates - ecven zero symptoms of youth who dont smoke and are not 0bese are minimal- almost zero among school-age children- death rates of over 80s or those with organic illnesses as frail as over 80 are maximised

it was trump the cdc/nih/fda that abused funding or created imperfect testing versus eg korea

trumps' forner bitch faisi fails to admit his so called victor 70000 deaths instead of 100000 deaths was based on locking in all americans to end may - he has no models pof loss of life due to contractionb of economy by 20% due to his lack of 2 types of data- infection tesing, antibody testing

fauci has perfect strategy of multiple waves - which will ultimately cause more deaths  (health and economic) -see rose garden convesation - attack on both who and wto

trump starts plantingjohn roberts fox and fascist aussie journalost

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