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Saturday, February 2, 2019

womenuni.com timezone 1960s- just before moon landing gordon moore published moores law - and dad normanmacrae at the economist published entrepreneurial revolution what will happen to sustaining millennial girls & boys futures if we  need to mediate 4000+ moore coms tech 2030 vs 1946?

it was predicted : somewhere around 2019 both exponential converged mathematically - with moores silicon chip having more binary switching than a human brain and ERworld/alumnisat acceleratinmg through 1000 times to 2000 times moore

at that time as china's and UNCTAD's greatest connector of #digitalcooperation have clarified - statistians of the quality of james wilson suddenly become important again

someone has to feed the artificial intelligences and if it not the statistician most able to value sustaionability expoentials - you guessed it - nature will send humans to dodo space

back in 1984 father mapped why one simple way for we the peoples to track whether tech was valuing youth;s sustainbvility- if universal basic health comes 10 times less costly- read his 1984 economist survey or join us here to change the future of education ending classrooms for dodos

these are the most exciting times to be alive
world's most valuable innovations
World Record Book of

Transparency Declaration

I have Ma in Statistics from Corpus Christi Cambridge 1973 where dad Norman Macrae Order-Rising-Sun Gold Bars got first in economics mentored by Keynes circa 1947 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - my maternal grandad was mediated by Mahatma Gandhi for 25 yerar prior to writing up legalese for India's Independence. One of dad's livelihood projects after 40 years of sub-editing poverty alleviation at The Economist was biography of John Von Neumann who must be sad at how bad exponentisl maths and how dumbing down false internet companies are spinning 


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