join us at to vote on which eu leaders are sustainable -othe covid meta - eg mayo
scandals 20 years in making - how govs underinvested in basic mnra research ...also 20 years ago i was lucky to meet a professor of nature at bath uni -i am terrified by what he knows but top down medical bureaucrats dont

1 twitter smart virus lists v0 v2 ==

rsvp sources by and for all -why experts in ebola are not in covid

close encounters:
of healthy kind, of servant leader kind, of food security, of education kind, of credit kind, of solar kind, of other machine intel kind
37th year of economist debate- who will get last mile in time forpost-covid's sdg generation?- biden?, africa?, bangladesh?, far east islands, rest asia continent, euro, latinam, womens lives, colored second most exciting moment in life- meeting sir fazle abed 1 2- he had designed a rural health service for one of the ten most populous nations from scratch? which do you think sir fazle need more help from health genii or financial genii? -more here

2020 telehealth hinge moment
our biggest challenge in 2020s is not the virus it is failing to unite around designing a world so next girl or boy born has a joyful chance at a productive life- that depends on 3 skills thriving in ever community - the health servant (, the livelihood educator ( and the financial servant (
however we have known since the end of world war 2 that we need new maps than those that 8 largest empires had ruled planet with - and that 4 new technologies and types of mediation will multiply this sustainably up or crashing down until mother natures selects us as next dod- more at
who published 13 global health challenges 1/13/2020 - help update them -related search malaria : fda -messy

virus unknowns help unwomens list some twitter dialogues 1 2 3
ByeBye human race unless you can help us find medical word's top 10 World Record Jobs Creators 9 8 7 ...Ironically knowledge of the curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution - as the net generation's opportunity to collaborate in human sustainability peaked in 1984 - unless you can help World Record Jobs Creators retrieve it now - thanks chris macrae wash dc text 240 316 8157 Anyone seriously transparent about affordable global health and sustainability needs to develop segments of health services and then decide whether an integrated service is still to have place boundaries. THE BLOCKCHAIN WARS. New media is always a battle between the forces for evil who linkin fast and those who needed to open space for a deeper social order (which takes time). Understanding blockchain mapping will also be absolutely essential: it may be how sustainability's last call is won by little sisters or lost to big brothers. these are the most exciting times to be alive.. 4 markets human sustainability depends on health & . linkedin UNwomens - question collab blog editors: washington DC

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good news china's robot teachers assistants will soon be better at diagnosis than 99% of docs. china

online library of norman record jobs creators: sir fazle abed .. jim kim.JKU. larry brilliant.. gerge soros..paul farmer .leana wen .BillionGirlsBoys network

Sunday, December 27, 2015

In association with the million youth social dialogues of Michael Moore January 2016

actually i would start with making nurse colleges free- by all means you could add in the freedom-provision that the first two years of practice had to be in poorest communities

if we started with this (see also rebirth of development of china 1960s and bangladesh 1970s) we would be creating community jobs
we would expedite khan academy of nursing as an open space world service development
we could celebrate girl power and last mile health service as a local heroic livelihood integrating all the kindest of community building
we could start a wave of young health professionals inspired by the other kind of POP (see kim #2030 now preferential option poor :2013 92y and vatican,  via boston  to 1968 peru)

and todays old societies (nations led by politicians vested by haggard infertole grandmothers as Francis 2014 masterclass at strasbourg worded it) that have ponzo schemed youth into endless debt could know that this alternative - nursing services could quickly become affordable again if one also removed ambulance chasing lawyers from the whole system

in the uk of the few most heroic open spaces i have heard of (presented organisational design forum circa 2010 ironically convened in salem where i believe some immigrants were burnt at the stake in massachussetts less knowledegable age), the director of the poorest performing regional national health service (East Mid) where people life expectancy was the least , hired a football pitch to open space relationships between all health workers and simultaneously promised all local newspapers that she was only staying in the post while life expectancy started increasing

i think she was eventually removed by politicians but it certainly turned round relationships between nurses and more qualified doctors , and was loved by the people who most needed a more caring but but effective national health service of the sort moore and hilary search for health

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