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Thursday, December 31, 1987

greatest apps of medic

Medic Ira Helfland has devoted his life to twice helping end nuclear networkers gain a nobel peace prize- unlike activists movement ira's networks are deeply serous - pysicians agaisnt nucrlear colevcts the best eveidence of hom many billions would perish in even a "small" nuclear war - not directly but because thios would be a qucicker end to natures clean abundnace than any other type of climate tragedy

in 2017 another nobel epace prize - this tiume to networks planeted in sustainable spaces like nrodica urging on russia to join in positively ending nuclear in n korea as well as the most positive eladers of all moon jae-in, leaders of olympics post 2018 purspoe and so forth

James Grant was probably the greatest director of a UN body until A Guterres- at James Grants Unicef in late 1970s partnership with BEAC took oral rehydration to every village mother in bangladesh - the start of brac being the greatest girls livelihoods and end poverty educator of all time; meanwhile james took sachets of OR salts to every developing- national leaders banquet to demonstated how they too could start up livelihood education for poorest BGB (Billion Girls Boys) 

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